Best Prenatal Yoga Courses Los Angeles Near Me

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1. Laughing Frog Yoga

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· 56 reviews

12217 Santa Monica Blvd #205, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Laughing Frog Yoga: what do users think?

Elena Sharpova: As a frequent traveler, finding a yoga studio that feels like a home away from home is a rare gem – and I've found just that in Laughing Yoga. From the moment I stumbled upon this sanctuary, it has become an essential part of my travel routine.What sets Laughing Yoga apart is its welcoming atmosphere and dedicated instructors who make every class an unforgettable experience. Whether I'm dropping in for a quick flow or indulging in a restorative session after a long journey, I always leave feeling rejuvenated and centered.The studio's convenient location near popular travel hubs makes it easy to squeeze in a practice between flights or hotel stays. Plus, the flexible class schedule caters to travelers' unpredictable itineraries, ensuring that there's always a class available when I need it most.Laughing Yoga has truly become my sanctuary on the road, providing a sense of familiarity and peace no matter where my travels take me. If you're a fellow wanderer in search of a yoga studio that feels like home, look no further than Laughing Yoga.

M A.S.: and both have been really successful! The team is incredibly helpful and easy to work with and the entire process is seamless. All the participants at both events loved their time and we will definitely be coming back for more events!

Stacy S: Laughing Frog and their animal yoga sessions are such a fun time! It’s an exciting and welcoming environment and everyone laughs a ton. I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while and it’s definitely worth it! You get plenty of play time with the animals. You really do leave with a wonderful feeling!

Quinne BH: The Laughing Frog Yoga studio is a gem of a community, offering incredible teachers and it’s a space that radiates belonging. Since joining, my yoga practice has blossomed, and my love for wellness has flourished. The studio's easy parking and accessible website make the experience seamless. With a diverse range of teachers offering everything from breath work to yin yoga, and sound bath session, there's truly something for everyone. The Laughing Frog has not only deepened my practice but also given me a newfound sense of belonging in a new town. Grateful for this journey! - Quinne

Emily Burns: Laughing Frog Yoga is such a welcoming studio! The students and teachers are amazing & there’s a wide variety of classes to choose from.

Kameron Rodriguez: Welcoming studio that offers a variety of classes to suit any and everybody's needs and skill levels. Wonderful teachers, a beautiful and safe space as well as a strong sense of community encouraging you to be you!

Nicole Robert: Haven’t been to the studio but I did do their weekend goat yoga and it was so much fun! If you love animals and yoga, you will love this.

David S. Goldstein: I had an amazing experience here practicing yoga for a few weeks in LA. This studio, near Brentwood, is a very laid back and welcoming energy to slow down after a long day in the big city. Instructors were professional and inspiring

Nathalie Chan: Only been here 4 times but so far it’s great ! I’m new to yoga so I’ve been doing a mix of slower paced practices and faster ones.Currently there’s a few for unlimited 21 days for 50$ . They also have a class pass for 25$After my 21 days are up, there’s a good chance I’ll sign up for a monthly membership.I really like the atmosphere in the studio !

Jane DiLauro: This studio is one of a kind. The energy is amazing in here and this is truly a place that wants the best for the people not only that come to yoga, but everyone in the whole world. Thank you for introducing me to these new practices.

Aliona Tatarinova: couple of days during the week which works great for me, free convenient covered parking, and awesome teachers!Things that could be improved: the restroom is really messy sometimes

Olivia Tierney: I love this studio. Jean Marie’s classes have elevated my yoga practice to a new level.

Christina: Love this place! Every time I take a class I always leave feeling centered, balanced and at peace. All of the instructors are phenomenal. It's a wonderful place to continue your yoga practice. They have a variety of classes for all levels. It's the best!

Anthony Landis: & Uncle Bob's

Rachel Lurie: I was a member for 10+ years until I moved. Laughing Frog is one of the best yoga studios I've been to in LA. They have a wonderful variety of classes from strong flows to restorative yin to breathwork and sound baths. The studio is spacious and clean, and the instructors and staff are very welcoming. It is a true yoga community.

Eli: Glad to have a new post covid yoga home. Only thing that could be better would be some hatha and longer 90 or 120 min classes. And very grateful to have 1-2 amazing sound baths there every week 🖤

2. Silverlake Yoga



· 20 reviews

2810 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Silverlake Yoga: what do users think?

Emily: Quality teachers, warm environment. Thoroughly enjoy the community

Michelee Vasquez: I had a Somatic Yoga class with Dr. Bobbi Jones here. It was so clensing and fun! I found myself releasing my pain, relaxing, and feeling so good afterward. We even received a free resistant band at the end. Just so long, as we said something kind to ourselves in a small mirror. They also provided all the materials like clean yoga mats and sitting pillows. Best self care event I've been to in a minute!

Vinesa Blackwell: Warm, welcoming, and well-lit yoga studio with teachers that bring a wealth of knowledge on stretching and strengthening the body. Beverly is a teacher that is classically trained and her practice is centered in breathwork and alignment. Her practice is comprehensive but she does not push students beyond their capacity - I especially don't want to feel so tight after yoga that I need a neck and shoulder massage. Yoga was designed to be both strengthening and relaxing, and Silverlake Yoga teachers bring this balance to their work.

Liz: Just did my first class through ClassPass for stretching- loved that they have a rope wall for unique stretches you can’t get without it- my posture feels better already

Gwen Ajello Mahler: So good to see them open again. Serious yoga, great teachers and a beautiful, newly renovated space!

Allison Biggs: Silverlake Yoga is the best! They’ve seamlessly transferred nearly all their classes online in the past few months and retained the sense of community for which the studio and teachers are so well known. If you’re curious or new to yoga, this is an excellent place to start in the Beginners classes but there are also more advanced Flow and other classes as well.

Andrea+Wendy Horwatt-Mitchell: We have been going to the SLY studio for years, and love it. We have tried many different teachers, and have loved each for different reasons, but always come back to Jonathan Emerson's classes, now up to Beginners II. We were a bit reluctant to try the zoom classes now with the studio closed, but eventually tried them and find the same wonderful vibe even not being together in the same room.

Kris Sullivan: and I feel limber and relaxed at the end of the sessions. Jonathan explains positions perfectly and checks in with people's positions periodically. He gives alternatives for various injuries

Arewe Notwomen: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityGreat teachers, Great classes. Good Price and working well online. Pilates, Flow, Prenatal, Beginner--I've done it all here. Great!!

Tonya Glanz: I love this studio! Unpretentious, generous and knowledgeable teachers, great space and vibes.

Allyson N: An all-star, very neighbood, homey place. I felt immediately at home from my very first visit. My instructor was Hannah, who was inquisitive without being too overbearing after I decided last minute to try and relax after a hard day. All the movements were stimulating for body and mind, but not exhaustive. The music was so good, I even asked for Hannah’s playlist she made after class. I can’t wait to go back and don’t know how I haven’t stumbled into Silverlake Yoga sooner.

Suilma R.: They have regular prenatal and “baby and me” classes which are suprisingly hard to come by in LA. I really like the owner Judith’s personable and caring nature. It was part of my support system during pregnancy. So much love there.

Nicole Cho (DeRuiter): Good price and so far I’ve really enjoyed my prenatal classes here. Great options for times to attend - so many places only schedule the classes I want during work hours.

Cali's Books: I started to visit this studio when I was pregnant with my daughter. Far from my family and my friends, this studio has been a life saver during this challenging time. The teachers are warm and professional. The women who come to the pre or post natal classes are all very friendly and helpful, I felt very welcome. Juliette, Patricia, Emily and all the team are not only excellent yoga teachers, they created a very helpful community. Thank you to this beautiful place.

Emmy Goldknopf: , meditation, and Pilates mat. I've liked most classes and teachers there. I especially like Jonathan Emerson's Beginners I and Beginners II classes
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· 357 reviews

3500 Overland Ave UNIT 210, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Red Diamond Yoga Palms: what do users think?

Audrey Wang: I love this place, it's close enough to my home where I can bike here. All of their instructors are very professional and passionate about their practice and you can feel the energy!Parking is a bit tough, but don't let that deter you away from coming. If you are local, I'd recommend walking or biking here!

Andy Rubiano: Super friendly staff, amazing teachers, and two nice clean studio spaces to practice. They offer a little more than just yoga. I'm hooked on the breath work classes. The midday flowclass can get a little crowded, so try an arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Mari Kohn: Red Diamond yoga yin & sound bath great class offers many poses to stretch and variety of sounds instruments.

daniel fan: Enjoyed my first class. Welcoming environment!

Ai Takahashi: Amazing. Great stretches with allowance to try new poses unknown to myself.

Pedro: Catie Purcell is one of the best teachers that I have had class with. Her class is complete, offering a lot of variations!! Definitely recommend!!

Dana K: Excellent class & instructor. And very clean studio! My first in person yoga class in three years.

4. Liberation Yoga

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· 25 reviews

1288 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Liberation Yoga: what do users think?

Jacquelin Fink: Beautiful space, beautiful classes! I took a chance to diving into teacher training at Liberation, having never attended a class here. LOVE it!!! The intention behind the space is felt: loving & nurturing. Christine, teacher and owner, is beyond amazing. You’ve GOT to check out Pagan’s classes M-W-F!!!

HealthAF: Looove this beautiful, welcoming and homey studio with keen, unique, knowledgeable, and seasoned instructors. The yoga is calm, intentional, and accessible to all ages and body types. They give plenty of space in each posture for focus which I really enjoy. I’ve appreciated every teacher here and always leave feeling refreshed and more peaceful. Highly recommend!

Paula Keathley: The best!! Christine is the most intuitive and gentle yoga teacher around. She always incorporates a mindful practice prior to starting class and is very informed and experienced. The vibe here is so dreamy!

JP G: This place offers a really down to earth vibe compared to many of the studios that peddle yoga as style. I really enjoyed Mark's Yoga Basics class. He offered a great mix of alignment based yoga followed by yin yoga. It was just what I needed after traveling and needing something to release a wound up body.I also wanted to give a shout out to the studio management who gave personal attention by texting me about how to find the studio, as a visitor and first timer.

Jasmine Romero: This yoga studio is really great! The teachers here are very professional and know what they are doing. I feel like a completely different person coming out of these classes. They are also very good with beginners! Highly recommend!!

kimberly evans: immensely grateful for finding liberation. christine and gary have really cultivated a sense of community in this beautiful yoga studio space - one always feels welcome and safe to practice in the studio, and to grow, evolve and learn from such amazing teachers. i have never experienced such attentive instructors who focus so much on alignment and my well being than at liberation.

Magical Katrina: Super awesome yoga teachers, the front desk is really friendly and helpful. Very relaxing and calm environment I love This studio!

Katie Guernsey: I’ve been going to Liberation since I moved to LA 5 years ago. It’s my favorite studio in LA and the one that feels most like a community, even tho I drop in and out and my attendance frequency varies. It’s not a studio that runs clockwork and it has its imperfections.The approach to yoga here is very heart and soul centered; all classes are a full 1.5hrs long so you learn about the dharma and have time for breath work and a truly respectable shavasana, in addition to the physical/flow part of class. Something I really value. Prices for classes are super reasonable too- and KCRW members get a discount. Christine, one of the owners, is a very gifted and intuitive teacher. I recently went on one of her retreats and it was nourishing and uplifting- unlike some which I have been to that are sob-fests. And there are a lot of other great teachers: Mark’s technical knowledge is superb and great to boost your knowledge. If you think you can't get a workout from a Level 1 class you aren't approaching it correctly! Noelle is a powerhouse if you really feel like a strong practice. Quinn’s Yin class is enlightening- as she also brings a real grace and charm to an "easy/not easy" yoga method. I've also really enjoyed Stephanie's mixed flow class which is a good balance of technique and vinyasa.There's something for everyone here so take your time and find your teacher.

L F: A welcoming, authentic community studio with amazing teachers and fair prices run by a very sweet family. Try Pagan and Christine's classes!

Natalia Polyakhova: . They are amazing teachers. If you are looking for a place to practice yoga, Liberation is the one.

Andrea B: This studio is the best in the city.I have been practicing at Liberation for over 10 years . The studio is beautiful, with art, glimmering tea lights, natural plants, candles, buddhas in the garden, and one wall inside that is coated with metallic shimmery gold . The outside "garden" studio has a wooden plank floor and tree branches winding through it.The feeling is very peaceful, truly an urban zen garden. The owners of the studio are exceptional people having created this studio on their own without a corporate entity behind them.Their personal attention to every detail shows.The instructors that teach are top in the city, they all love this studio, it's always their favorite place to teach of anywhere in LA. Unlike other studios, with a more "gym- like feel", Liberation feels like a community of friends , and it has been my 'yoga home for a very long time. Highly recommend.
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· 413 reviews

5612 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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Kinship Yoga: what do users think?

Sugar: Kinship Yoga is hands down my favorite yoga studio! Every class I've attended and every instructor I've had the pleasure of practicing with has been exceptional. The studio's ambiance is so inviting, and the rooms create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and focus. From the moment I step in, I'm greeted with positive vibes that enhance my entire experience. I absolutely love everything about Kinship Yoga, and I couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone looking for an outstanding yoga practice.

Emma Bianculli: Love Kinship! Very laidback vibe, nice studio spaces with great classes. Also the people are really friendly—I called on the phone and Stacy was super helpful!

roberto guida: , because I'm heavily injured

Ellada Mesveliani: This place is all about peace and love and the best yoga I had ever had

Vanessa Marsot: Beautiful yoga studio with multiple rooms. The acro yoga classes here are amazing, with skillful and experienced teachers, and everyone is warm and welcoming.

Isabella Martinez: Process on Saturday morning is just one of the unique and incredible classes offered here. I recommend to everyone!

Kit Redstone: This place has been a lifesaver for me - both mentally and physically. The teachers are wonderful and it feels like a fun, playful, joyous place that leaves me feeling calmer, fitter and happier every time I leave. There’s no pressure to be ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ and it is truly an hour every day to feel part of a caring, compassionate community.

Sarah G: This is such a gem of a yoga studio. The classes are really incredible, from the pacing of the sequences to the music to the lovely instructors and the community. It’s a really great vibe all around.

6. Prenatal Barre Yoga Personal Training

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· 21 reviews

4601 Via Marina, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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Prenatal Barre Yoga Personal Training: what do users think?

Vanessa M: I spent weeks looking for a in-person prenatal yoga class on the Westside and I had deemed my search unsuccessful until a good friend referred me to Natalia. What a blessing it has been! 🙌🏼 The core memories I've gathered since joining this wonderful group of moms are moments I'll never forget. Natalia is not only a very knowledgeable and warm instructor, she always takes the time to assess everyone's posture and movements and thus, adjusts accordingly. The setting and wonderful view couldn't be more conducive to relaxation and focus, everything that an expecting mom needs. I was so happy with the strength work I did in these prenatal classes that I am now continuing with the sessions tailored for postpartum. A true gem of an experience!

Bianca Contractor: Attending Fit Bump Barre was an absolute delight, exceeding my expectations in every way. Natalia skillfully crafted a serene atmosphere that immediately put me at ease, blending gentle movements with mindful practices perfectly tailored for expectant mothers. With its welcoming ambiance, expert guidance, and thoughtful approach, this class is an absolute gem for any mom-to-be seeking a harmonious and empowering journey through pregnancy.

Eti Shechtman: Simply amazing! Natalia is such a wonderful and compassionate guide to have on your journey, she will help you relax, keep healthy, and laugh. Also, can’t beat the views from where the class is. ☀️🌊

Katerina Zhuravleva: Natalya is a great trainer and very pleasant person ! I loved to go to her prenatal yoga classes where she gave us specific exercises aimed for helping pregnant women and preparing for the delivery. I feel like it was also like a “future mom’s club “ where we shared our experiences with the girls . I really enjoyed that time !! Now it’s time to sign up yo her postnatal classes

Beatriz Herman: , I had connected with not just one but 5 women who were also first time moms and due around my due date. I didn’t realize how important it would be to have these women around. As a first time mom there are so many fears, but going through the experience with these moms made it all so much easier to handle. I had the support system I didn’t know I needed. And all thanks to these maternity exercise classes. The classes were doable. Yes, they were challenging but I loved the amount of support that you get in these classes. Thank you Natalia

Laura Hershey: Natalia’s outdoor prenatal barre classes were incredible! They kept me strong and flexible, plus they were very enjoyable!

Maïko Le Lay: Natalia has been an integral part of my pregnancy and postpartum journey. Working on my breathing and glutes while looking at the ocean has been extremely important for my well being pre and post birth. It is also super fun connecting with other moms.

Ruby Rosas: I would definitely return, and I absolutely recommend her expertise. The only thing I regret is not starting her classes sooner and not trying her prenatal water yoga class but there's always next time :

Kira Wikajovich: I love Natalia and her classes. Not only is she highly knowledgable in the field of prenatal and postnatal yoga, she can relate to us and offer skilled advice. She is wonderful.I started with her prenatal classes and continue with her postnatal classes. I loved that she paid special attention to all the ladies to ensure that our movements were correct and not harmful. She is brilliant in the way she incorporates wellness and movement. When you leave her class you feel the mental and physical improvement.I've met so many wonderful mommies and built friendships that started from her classes.For those who wish to try her classes, just do it, you won't regret it.

Akiko McDowell: A++ for Natalia and her classes!!!I started going to prenatal yoga when I was in my 2nd trimester, Natalia’s is an amazing instructor! I honestly feel my labor and pregnancy was smooth due to her classes and energy! I also went to her postnatal and she helped me get my core back! Definitely recommend her classes!!!

Priscila Almeida: I started the prenatal yoga with Natalia at the begging of my second trimester and it was amazing! I did yoga and the aqua classes and I had such a great experience! The classes were, relaxing, informational and calming. Natalia is so great, one of the best instructor I have ever met, and I’m very grateful! I’m very sure my pregnant wouldn’t be the same without going to her classes.I also met so many amazing moms that became friends! I couldn’t recommend her classes enough!

Rebecca Vosburgh: This class is the best. It is in the most beautiful location and Natalia is awesome. She is in tune with women's prenatal needs and makes it fun. You and your baby will appreciate the workout and the serenity of your surroundings.

Kamyle Glover: I’ve had such a great experience! The prenatal classes were inspiring, relaxing, informational and calming. I met so many amazing moms and our instructor, Natalia, was by far the best. I cant wait to start my postpartum/ bonding classes.I highly recommend giving it a try!

C N: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityThis class was one of the highlights of my pregnancy! Natalia is wonderful. I just had my daughter and can’t wait to start the postpartum class!

Agga B. Raya: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityThis was the best thing that could happen to me and my belly during the pandemic. Natalia is friendly, carrying, knowledgeable, kind and hardworking mom. I will always be thankful for her guidance. By the way, number 2 is in the oven so I’ll see you very soon!!!!

Lissa Flo: I started my prenatal yoga with Natalia in the beginning of this year, in my third trimester. I was new to yoga, and required a lot of attention. She was very patient with me as well as everyone in my group, and she always made sure we could give our best at each session. She is a wonderful instructor! Thanks to her my labor went fast, and I didn't need an epidural.

Pollyana Silva: .Next class: Baby and Me :

Elyssa Seidman: I loved my prenatal barre with Natalia! I was pregnant during covid and this outdoor class saved my pregnancy. It was amazing to go work out in person outdoors. The workouts were safe for my pregnant body and anything something didn't feel right, she gave me a modification. My labor was just 10 hours and my abs went right back! It was so good to move during pregnancy. She teaches aquafit too, which I highly recommend!

Kimberly Cortez: Natalia is so wonderful! Even in a group setting, she takes the time to give you individualized support. I've taken several of her classes including aqua, yoga/barre and mommy and me. Each class is wonderful and she has made me and my baby felt cared for.

7. One Down Dog

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· 38 reviews

4343 Sunset Blvd #208, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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One Down Dog: what do users think?

Amer Belall: more than great

JAMES SMITH: One Down Dog Yoga studio in Los Angeles is a hidden gem that has completely transformed my yoga practice. From the moment I stepped into the studio, I was greeted with warmth and a sense of community that instantly put me at ease.The instructors at One Down Dog are truly exceptional. They have a deep knowledge of yoga and a genuine passion for teaching. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, they provide clear guidance, individual attention, and modifications to suit every level. The classes are thoughtfully sequenced, incorporating a perfect balance of strength-building, flexibility, and mindfulness.The studio itself is spacious and inviting, with a serene atmosphere that encourages focus and relaxation. The variety of class offerings is impressive, ranging from Vinyasa Flow to Restorative and everything in between. The schedule is flexible, accommodating even the busiest of lifestyles.What sets One Down Dog apart is the sense of community it fosters. The staff and fellow yogis are incredibly friendly and welcoming. I've made lifelong friends through the studio's workshops and events. The sense of belonging and support is palpable, making every visit a truly enriching experience.One Down Dog Yoga in Los Angeles is more than just a yoga studio; it's a sanctuary where you can nurture your mind, body, and spirit. If you're looking for a transformative yoga experience in a warm and inclusive environment, I wholeheartedly recommend One Down Dog.

Robin Cleveland: This studio has a beautiful vibe and has been so welcoming to me 💕 I’ve vibed with every teacher I’ve had and I’m truly grateful to have found a new yoga studio to call home

Elizabeth Herrera: Very welcoming! All bodies and all levels welcome.

Carolyn Mraz: love this place! welcoming and un-pretentious, with amazing teachers.

Allen S: A spectacular, airy, clean place to practice Yoga with well-trained and kind instructors always welcoming to students of any level, age or gender. Anyone from beginners to long-time practitioners will be happy to come to this excellent studio.

Lizzy Jo: I've been going to One Down Dog for almost 7 years. I feel so incredibly comfortable there. From day one this has been such an inviting and community driven studio. When they opened up the Echo Park location a couple years ago, it felt even more satisfying to practice yoga in such a beautiful space. The studio itself is full of personality but in a chill way. The front desk staff is always so sweet and I love being a regular. ODD Fam forever!

Laura: I love this studio! The vibe is so soothing and airy. I love that there’s so many instructors and times, and all the instructors are great. There’s also loads of street parking in my experience.

Mia Faske: This studio offers a huge variety of classes and I'm so glad I found them because there aren't a ton of non-heated options around here. All the teachers I've encountered so far are magnificent and respond so well to the vibe of each class and each individual. Happy to be a part of the One Down Dog community!

Megan Holmstrom: Great studio! Awesome classes… a bit of the same-same yoga but with a kick! Location perfect - parking easy!

Anna Parsons: I discovered One Down Dog when their Echo Park location opened walking distance from my house and to say it was life changing is an understatement. The space, teachers, range of classes and over all community is incredible. When the pandemic hit and the classes moved to Zoom I swear it got me through 2020, being able to continue to take classes with the teachers I loved and who knew me, while getting to experience teachers whose schedules never aligned pre-pandemic, was a highlight. It kept me grounded and strong, both mentally and physically. I love One Down Dog so much and am so happy to be part of the ODD community. Big shout out to the whole team at One Down Dog.

Ria Cousineau: and even though I was a total beginner, I was welcomed by all. I love the diversity of members, and the way everyone made me feel welcome. There was never any pressure to dress like I work at an exclusive yoga boutique.Sine the studios closed for COVID, ODD has offered a whole host of classes to attend

Sarah Wass: they all retain the same inclusive, welcoming, and warm vibe I remember dearly from in-person classes. If you are new, I recommend buying a monthly unlimited pass so you can sample a few different classes and teachers until you find the ones that you click with.

Stacy K: one down dog has a range of classes, teaching styles, and events. their yoga classes have been such a saving grace for me this past year. and the community events are always so special, thoughtful, and enriching. their staff and instructors are all so wonderful, and i feel very fortunate to be a part of their community.

Tara Steward: . The variety of class offerings is better than any other studio in LA and I have had several teachers that are not just skilled, but also thoughtful, joyful, compassionate people that embody the spirit of ODD, making it so much more than just a yoga studio. The entire staff has fostered a beautiful community of diverse and mindful individuals. Plus, the music never disappoints. Love you ODD! 3

Stephanie Louie: for about 4 years. Once Covid hit and my normal gym/workout routine completely changed, I found that ODD was a sanctuary for mind and body within my own home. I am so grateful for the sense of community this yoga studio provides, and the variety of classes is absolutely fantastic.

Abby Johnson: , but it’s little things like small business pop ups, charity raffles, pot lucks, and a cute little book trade/library that put this place over the edge. They take genuine human connection seriously, which is also reflected in their stellar customer service & communication. A true gem that’s helped make LA feel like my home since 2016.It’s also worth noting that they have truly stepped up during the pandemic, offering online and outside courses as well as flexible fees and payment plans. Even mental wellness events to help keep everyone sane and connected. It’s been a total life saver during such an emotional rollercoaster of a year.

Lucia Marano: is not only a wonderful yoga studio filled with exceptional teachers and an amazing staff, but it also is a beacon of light serving its surrounding community - be it Silver Lake, Echo Park, or Eagle Rock. Jessica Rosen, its founder and owner has created a unique and creative space to safely practice yoga, make new friends, and most of all - have fun!! I highly recommend this yoga studio!!

Lisa Lewis-Neal: . One Down Dog is all about building community, and they've kept it going strong, in spite of not being able to come together in person at the three beautiful studios for nearly a year now.From my Yelp review, 2014: ...So, the way they inspire me to practice yoga makes it a "whole person" workout: I leave each class feeling mentally, physically, and yes, spiritually uplifted and strengthened. I push myself to my own personal limits, and feel completely respected, and know that everyone else in class is doing and feeling the same. All the instructors I've practiced with have made me feel comfortable and have made a point to check in with any newbies, ask about injuries and preferences, and offer props and additional guidance as needed.This studio aims to be part of the Silver Lake community and to build community, and they are doing it right, every day. There is a wide array of classes, slow to fast, restorative to aerobic, something to suit every need, and varied teacher personalities and styles as well: you seriously can't go wrong!Also, the people at the front counter are unfailingly smiling, positive, and provide great customer service, whether you're asking about their classes, gear, nearby restaurants, or how to deal with your latest shoulder twinge. Jessica Rosen, the owner, is a gem. She totally gets customer service and what it is to BE of service.As a person who had absolutely refused to pay for any type of gym/exercise plan for my entire adult life and who now willingly lets Jessica and her team tap into my credit card each month for these great classes, I wholeheartedly recommend One Down Dog.

Maxime B: I found this studio when I lived in LA. I started taking classes in person a few times a week, everything from flow to sweat classes are a lot of fun and a good workout. Since the pandemic started, I've been doing virtual classes 3-5 times a week. They've helped keep my mood up and increased my fitness level, give the zoom classes a shot, you won't regret it! I particularly love Audrey Guedelekian's classes - a tough workout but totally worth the effort!

8. Highland Park Yoga

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· 71 reviews

5116 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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Highland Park Yoga: what do users think?

Amber M.A: Loved this location. Dahlia was an amazing instructor ☺️ loved her note of affirmation for each person when class ended

Eva Pollitt: An amazing yoga studio. I went here at least a few times a week for over a year, before my move. All of the teachers are incredible and the classes offered have a good variety of skill level, type of yoga, and schedule. The terrace and main studio have a lovely desert-y aesthetic, and there is fresh cold water. The management is responsive, kind, on top of it! Such good vibes.

Nicholas Gregoriades: This is an excellent yoga studio.It is clean, smells great, and has open and inviting spaces.The front desk staff is always friendly and welcoming.The quality of the instruction is superb. I can tell the instructors care as opposed to some at other yoga studios who just ‘phone it in.’Another thing I appreciate is that there are various class types to help you accomplish different objectives.The monthly rates are also very reasonable, resulting in great value.You won't find a better place if you live in the area and want to begin yoga or restart your practice.I will continue to study and practice yoga here for the foreseeable future.

erica cassano: So grateful for this studio and the teachers who make it amazing! The patio is such a nice place to practice and the I’ve met some new friends here as well.

Madeleine: Knowledgeable and high quality teachers in a clean, beautiful studio. I have felt very safe practicing here during the pandemic. All aspects of this space align with concern for and care of public safety: the teachers and students wear masks, class capacity is limited, and medical grade air filters have been installed.

Xander: Took a class spontaneously with a friend and it was just the space we needed. Super clean and down to earth just like the people that work there. Love the indoor and outdoor studios. What a wonderful place to find in the community. Highly recommend!

Joel Alcaraz: I was always intimidated by yoga, but HP Yoga really helped me become so immersed. I recommend going to slow flow yoga for beginners! You won’t regret the membership here.

Michael Lyons: First time doing breathwork it was very powerful. Rabiah made me feel well prepared and comfortable during what otherwise might've been an overwhelming experience. Definitely want to incorporate more breathwork experiences into my life.

Alexandra Graham: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityPerfect hour course! Great introduction to EFT, instructor passionate and information accessible.

CMK: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityExcellent teachers, safe and calm environment, serious students, dynamic offerings. Just the best!

9. One Down Dog

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· 36 reviews

319 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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· 216 reviews

11 W State St, Pasadena, CA 91105

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Yoga House: what do users think?

Ilana Bergher: I absolutely love this studio! From the incredibly helpful and lovely front desk staff to the aesthetics of the studio, it all prepares you for the great classes and super thoughtful instructors! Such a great place to start or deepen your yoga practice surrounded by a great community.

Christopher J. Haydel: So many great teachers, such a clean and bright studio, so many wonderful people! Amazing place.

D B: offering inclusive community, cancer patient and other therapeutic classes for a variety of students of all abilities. A welcoming, clean & organized business with an excellent selection of books, props & chic yoga clothing & jewelry as well. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Clingerman: I've been practicing at Yoga House for 15 years - the quality of the studio, classes and teachers have been consistently excellent that whole time! Additionally, the staff and fellow students create a kind and welcoming community.

MSM: Yoga House is fantastic. I've loved every class I've tried. Susan's classes are a special treat. Thanks, Yoga House.

Neill Fleming: Lovely space and wonderful community.

nancy merritt: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI have been going to Yoga House for about 8 years. The instructors are wonderful Each has their own style so its good to take a variety of classes to find the ones that suit you best. Yoga House is a warm, welcoming, top notch studio. Give it a try. You'll be happy!

Sara Sokol: I was a regular at Yoga House 15 years ago when I lived in Pasadena. Since then I have moved to the East coast and haven’t been able to find the same type of yoga experience here until….LIVE-STREAM CLASSES!I’m thrilled that once again I have the opportunity to take such a wide variety of classes from such a diverse staff from my home here in Maine.Thank you Yoga House 🙏

11. yogazan

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· 67 reviews

2901 Ocean Park Blvd #121, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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yogazan: what do users think?

Jeffrey Roop: I love this studio. I practiced there for years in its former space on Barrington with Jay and Diane, and followed them out to Ocean Park. It is a grounded, well run studio with terrific and kind teachers and students. No pretense. Space for everyone. By far my favorite studio in LA - and I’ve trained at a lot of them over the past 15 years.

Jamessee Moulton: Wonderful classes!!

Mojdeh Tabibian: in 2019 during a challenging period in my life when I was seeking peace. This studio was exactly what I needed. It was my introduction to yoga, and it ignited a passion for the practice within me. The pandemic forced them to close for a bit, however, they returned even stronger at a new location.While I don't practice yoga as frequently nowadays, the skills I learned at Yogazan remain invaluable. I still make time for classes at Yogazan whenever my schedule allows, and each time, I am greeted with the same sense of peace.The teachers at Yogazan are all wonderful and experienced, contributing to the welcoming atmosphere of the studio. I highly recommend Yogazan to anyone seeking a supportive and enriching yoga experience.

Ali Meisel: for over 5 years, and would highly recommend them to anyone - from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. All teachers are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable, including the owner/founder!

Hayley Di Naso: I started going to yogazan in December of 2023 and I’ve been hooked ever since.I love the Saturday 10:30 am 90-min class, their app is easy to use, and there is always parking.Highly recommend if a more traditional yoga/community vibe is your work out.

Kylie Gaines: A yoga studio for all. Not pretentious, great teachers, peaceful space, wonderful community. Love this place!

Cheryl Gisondo: Wonderful wonderful yoga experience.

Margaret Oakley: What a treasure this studio is. High quality yoga instructors of slightly different styles and vibes. Lovely space. So grateful Yogazan exists!

Stephanie Luckey: I felt so welcomed in my intimate class with Jay. I felt comfortable and guided to improve in new ways. I can’t wait to return!

David A. Wiss: Jay’s yoga is the ultimate medicine.

Steve Raymond: Great teachers, affordable prices, peaceful space, easy parking! I'm a big fan of yogazan and I love the new location. Jay is an OG yoga teacher who has been teaching on the west side since I began practicing over 15 years ago at the old Power Yoga studio. All of the teachers here are wonderful and very experienced. I try to make it to Dianne's 10:30 Saturday class whenever I can. A guaranteed recharge to start off the weekend. They are very welcoming to new students. See you there!

Ruchi Devgan: An absolute gem of a studio. Every instructor is phenomenal. Yogazan is the best.

Stephanie Dacay: Wonderful yoga teachers & studio.

Ben Browning: I love this studio. The classes are usually smaller groups, which means you can get individual attention if you want it. Small groups also means there is zero stress about finding a spot on the floor if you're one of the later arrivals. Parking is easy. Mats and other equipment are free to use. The students and teachers are nice and welcoming. Before and after class it's totally normal to chat or stay quiet which I also appreciate.

Rita Rani Ahuja: I love this studio! The instructors here are really grounded and...great yoga teachers all around. Also I love that we can join online or in the studio. I've tried a few online yoga classes but none of them had the feel of a truly centering experience while expanding and stretching the body through the asanas. They all felt more like gym class. Not really what I wanted. But with Yogazan, whether it's been online or in person, it feels like a coming together of my full being--mind body and soul. Every time I go through class, I feel like I'm bringing myself into full alignment as I breath and push through my own physical limits.

Rachel Robin: I cannot say enough about how amazing this studio is. Jay, the owner, teaches great classes and has curated the best instructors on the Westside. The studio is filled with love and a sense of community. I highly recommend trying it.

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