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The Last Bookstore Hennessey + Ingalls Arcana: Books on the Arts Skylight Books Book Soup Counterpoint Records & Books ARTBOOK @ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles TASCHEN Store Hollywood Chevalier's Books Larry Edmunds Bookshop Mystery Pier Taschen Miracle Mile Toys & Gifts Spitfire Girl Eso Won Books Artist & Craftsman Supply Downtown LA Other Books, Comics, and Zines Paper Source

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· 10590 reviews

453 S Spring St Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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The Last Bookstore: what do users think?

Jude Al-Safadi: Это больше похоже на опыт/рынок/музей, чем на библиотеку, вы можете не найти свою книгу, но раздел пластинок замечательный! второй этаж, честно говоря, величественный.

Deanna Mendoza: Интересный книжный магазин, который можно исследовать часами! Выбор удачный, поскольку они в основном продают подержанные книги. Мне очень понравился отдел графических романов внизу и хранилище редких книг.

Jose Nicolas: Довольно красиво, но там еще ремонт.

Andy from here: .

May Xoxooo: one of the Hugeee Bookstores 📖

Jenna Germany: Keeping print alive. This beautiful quirky bookstore will renew your love of the tactile press.

Debbie Slovikosky: Super fun book store with a huge selection.

Manuel Mendibles: Their selection of books ranges from the newest books to original books from the early 20th century

2. Hennessey + Ingalls - Los Angeles



· 173 reviews

300 S Santa Fe Ave M, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Hennessey + Ingalls: what do users think?

Cot Cot: good store. quality selection of books.

JP Shelton: Awesome book store with loads of architecture books and special LA finds

Joy Finch: Such a great bookstore, both a good variety and many specialty books.

Said Gabriel: Great place

Kathryn Mays: There are a bunch of things I find fascinating, but seeing as I live so close to Los Angeles and I live in the heart of Southern California, architecture is a huge thing to me! And I just happen to stumble across Hennessy + Ingalls when I got lost on my way to a metro station.Best mistake I could have made.The bookstore itself seems to be devoted almost entirely to art and architecture. The job in at the front desk was kind enough to show me where the tattoo section is. It's small, but it's substantial and has quality books that are a little bit more difficult to find.My absolute favorite section was devoted to architecture and the environment, or architecture and environmental sustainability. Their prices are pretty damn good too! You have your fair share of books that are easily $70, $50, but most of The ones I was interested in seem to be in the $20 to $25 range.And for those of us who are suckers for deals, such as myself because I am cheap and poor, they have a $2 section. Initially I was going to ask the gentleman if it was a typo, and then I made the effort to actually look at the sign in front of me which said "$2 books." I wish I was a little bit more observant.Ended up picking up five books for less than $10. If I had bigger paychecks, this place would be getting a massive chunk of it.If you're a sucker for architecture, history, art, coffee table books, book stores, that sort of thing, this is the place for you.For those of you interested in a super nerdy date, I highly encourage you to start at " The last bookstore" off 5th and Broadway, and then drive or meander over to Hennessy + Ingalls.

O D: Best art/design book store. I bought from their online store for the first time and it was a great experience. The way the books arrived packaged so safely and carefully was amazing. I have never received books packaged so well. I hope they improve the website to be more mobile friendly, and better search/display options. Actual photos of the used books would good too.

Angel A. Acevedo: Gem. Great selection of new and used books

Cedron Mcknight: Gave them a copy of My book 📖

Alvin H.: Great selections of architecture n design books!

Ashley Villar: This is NOT a Barnes and Noble, instead a creative little book shop nestled in a breezy corner of the Arts District 💙 We only stopped in Hennessey + Ingalls for short period of time because it wasn’t until we got there that we realized it was a shop dedicated only to books about architecture, arts, photography, magazines, fashion and more, a lot more. While we didn’t find the book we were looking for, discovering this shop was an even better find. Hennessey + Ingalls is a GEM in the Arts District. They have a beautiful and modern location with easy parking on most days. They categorize everything very well and have wide selections to choose from. I was very happy to see that there were a lot of well-known books and also a lot that were more niche and unheard of for the most part. While wandering around the store, I also saw some selections of cards, notebooks, tote bags and other stationary items for sale. My favorite part was actually the small children’s section. The books there feel handpicked and filled with books about history, niche topics and just some general feel-good books. I think that there’s something for everyone here and well-worth visiting time and time again!Notes- Street Parking- Affordable prices- Easy to find- Niche selections of books

Andrew Wenum: ! Such a gem to find the coolest books on design and architecture. I always leave with something inspiring... The staff rocks too! Chat them up and ask for recommendations!

Natia Turmanidze: Nice collections

Jamie Lai: Photography and Architecture bookstore. Interesting notebooks available and nice collection of magazines. Fun place to browse.

3. Arcana: Books on the Arts - Mid-City

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· 115 reviews

8675 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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Arcana: Books on the Arts: what do users think?

Michael Lam: Great place to feel retro

John Aitken: THE best bookstore for books on Art, Architecture, Pop Vulture, Theatre and much more. Browse for hours.

Laura Rose Marino: Extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful book shop owner. Helped me find the perfect gift. They have an incredible selection. I’ll be back soon!

Soojung Park: Most entertaining book store for those who love art, design, architecture, etc and they have a variety of unique and rare books! Their stuff is very well organized especially given the wide range of printed materials they carry. I pay a regular visit even thought it’s a bit out of my way, and it’s totally worth it. Go give it a try!

F W: Good photobooks. But rare ones are very expensive and overpriced compared to other stores. That spoils some of the fun of going there.

L'lia E. Thomas: The most divine bookstore experience I've had in a very long time. I could come here everyday for 8 hrs a day and not get through all the books! There are soul many!

Alberto Hamonet: A treasure. The manager Jesse is great at what he does !

Young Jang: Loved all the variety of art books + staff recommended selections were legit great! Will def come back again for another book hunting!

Polly Geller: Does this only happen in LA? Am in the Culver City area, I see Arcana Books, I walk in only to peruse, get lost in titles, aisles, spines, prints, then choose one item, a book which happens to include the owners of this brilliant establishment. Thank you, Whitney & Lee. Am a huge fan.

Margaret Morgan: For lovers of books and art Arcana is the best — a dangerous place of the best kind😉😊❤️📚📚📚

Lloyd Lee: Fantastic inventory and selection. I’ve been to no greater bookstore for photobooks. Many treasures to be found here. The online inventory doesn’t cover all that is available in store so suggest visiting in person if you can. It’s a beautiful space too and the staff were friendly and helpful.
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· 566 reviews

1818 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Skylight Books: what do users think?

Mohsen Ashraf: My new absolute favorite bookstore in Los Angeles! Beautifully set with a wide array of books, and an incredibly friendly and helpful staff that keeps me coming back. This place is warm and inviting, and also has a really insightful selection of books on the Mideast conflict.

Thair Peterson: Overall, I think that Skylight has long had an excellent collection of curated books and in-store author appearances. However, I was a bit surprised to find they only carried one book dealing with anti-Semitism, the Holocaust or similar topics. I bought what I believe was the last such volume they had, and expressed hope they would find something else to replace it. If they had other such books or were backordered, presumably the clerk would have told me. Instead, I was expected to name the title myself. I'm not sure that's the standard they use for other topics in the store. The reason that customers go to Skylight is to find something they have NOT heard about. If anyone reading this can suggest some worthwhile titles on these topics that they could carry, I hope they can contact Skylight.

Mahin J: Excellent selection of books

Lily Weiner: Everyone loves a cozy bookstore like skylight BUT if ur a member of their signed book clubs and u go to pick up your book at the annex they’re gonna be really grumpy at you every timeBut nice topical book picks and a good poetry section. ALSO almost took off a star bc they don’t advertise their good events enough and we always miss them but still happy it’s our neighborhood bookstore
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· 416 reviews

8818 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Book Soup: what do users think?

Anthony Torres: Awesome, fun, and engaging meet and greet yesterday with the first ever female UFC hall of famer Ronda Rousey. A true pioneer of the MMA world for female athletes. Was super excited to meet Ronda. There were a lot of WWE fanatics there as well. Her fan base is truly large. I was just honored to be able to meet someone who was born in my city of Riverside, California, and was able to accomplish many great things. Was a huge fan of hers from the time she was in StrikeForce. I was actually in attendance at UFC 157 in Anaheim when she merged the StrikeForce belt into the new UFC female Bantamweight title in 2013.Check out this book store for all their celebrity book signings, or simply want to purchase the latest magazine or a good book to read. Standing in line, i saw some great stuff available, a Hunter S. Thompson, James Baldwin, and a new David Bowe book. I was particularly surprised to find this Sun Ra book. Definitely will return !Thanks for having us!

CC Fischer: Goodbye BookSoup! May the last of your lackluster and dazed employees frequently hear the ghostly voice of Glen Goldman in their ear saying " Baah...You're all stealing from me".

王培欣: The clerk is friendly

Frankie Mark Murphy: Always a great experience here. The catalog of books they have beats out their competition by a long shot. Friendly and helpful staff always thinking ahead for the customer and providing cool events and atmosphere.

Jeff Lindstrom: Friendly staff. Medium-sized bookstore with high shelves. The science fiction section is not very large, but still a good selection.

Binhao Wang: Great vibe. Many interesting books.

Erin Spiva: I was in a panic because I needed a book for an event at the last-minute after UPS failed to deliver on time. The staff at Book Soup went above and beyond fulfilling my request to order a gift-wrapped book at the last minute and talked me through the best way to get it delivered. And all of this was over the phone, as I was halfway across the country. They were patient, kind, and so accommodating.

Baked Chicken: Excellent place. Fawn Hall hid a number of previously unreleased Iran/Contra documents inside one of the books in the stock room. Worth a visit and a search.

6. Sideshow Books - Pico-Robertson

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· 104 reviews

1639 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

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Sideshow Books: what do users think?

Jennifer Stambook: Love this place. If you like books with a bit of organized chaos, this is the perfect book store for you. There is so much to see and find, it is literally a literary adventure.

쥬쥬: So glad to visit hear!! Thank you so much !!

Maia Ross Trupin: Such a lovely little bookstore and experience. Loved the owner.

Chloe Lau: The people working were very kind. They also sell art and books. There is sidewalk parking

tolga demirsar: This is a wondrous place that feels like a neighborhood museum. The owner, Tony, is extremely friendly. Stop by, enjoy a cup of complimentary espresso, and be sure to purchase some books!

Jeff Bridges: Great place to get lost! Tony is great and knowledgeable!

Jon Maas: At first when you whiz by you think it's like a mirage in the desert; what is a bookstore doing in this miserable stretch of La Cienega. And so I ignored it for months. I finally went there and found the mirage is actually paradise. The ideal used bookstore for everyone, with a vast supply of rare and wonderful books in every subject, and an owner who will do everything to help you find what you are looking for, or don't even know you want. How can we clone him and it?

Ally Zucker: Sideshow Books is a book-lovers dream. Tony, the owner, is a sweet, intelligent, and helpful. Could easily spend days lost in the stacks!

Diana Clarke: Wow, what a hidden gem in LA. Forget about the Last Bookstore downtown, Sideshow is the real best used bookstore in town. Cozy, intimate, great selection considering the small scale but what you give up in breadth you gain in character. Plus the owner is delightful and offers you espresso and a cookie as you enter. Love this place.

Kereen Saleh: Great used book store.

7. Counterpoint Records & Books - Hollywood Hills

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· 83 reviews

5911 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Counterpoint Records & Books: what do users think?

rob strunk: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent inventory would recommend it but parking is not easy!!

Gigi To Two: Great store!!

henry behar: Great store. Bought one of my favorite books first edition for good price. I come here all the time. Thanks.

Kyle Clifford Knapp: 🔥🔥🔥

Allie RCH: Excellent!

Casey Karaman: Great record store with an awesome selection.

Tacy Prins Woodlief: love it

Julio Moran: Avid vinyl collector here. Used to live walking-distance from here but hadn't been back for about 20 years. It was more about used CDs back then, and I bought a boatload of them there. An ammicable place with great stock. Finally had some time to spend there again and was glad to see it hasn't changed. Still a very nice bookstore, and of course when it comes to music, it"s more about vinyl now.I would say it's a tad more pricey than the standard, but wouldn't call it expensive. And their selection is pretty good - not much filler stuff as in most other places. As a music fan, I highly recommend you check it out.

Daniel Steitzer: Neat and varied selections.

8. ARTBOOK @ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles - Los Angeles

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· 22 reviews

917 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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ARTBOOK @ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles: what do users think?

JP Shelton: Wide selection of current publications on contemporary art and the humanities to contextualize art practice and criticism in unexpected and compelling ways. By reflecting cultural trends worldwide and complimenting Hauser & Wirth's exhibitions, Artbook @ Hauser & Wirth LA Bookstore is vibrant source for cutting-edge contemporary art publications

Oscar H. Fajardo: Great bookstore nearby all these art galleries. Great selection for artists and the like. Located close to breweries and coffee shops and parking all around.

Mandy Back: If you go deeper than the entrance, you will find a cute space with very pretty colors.

M A S: Wonderful, quiet, and well lit art bookstore to browse.

Mytao Westside: Low key a great book store. Differnt than your standard Barnes and Noble. Haha so very different. In such a good way. Small but tasteful. The front desk plays some low key dope music. Lots of art magazine and books. You can definitely lose a few hours here and come out inspired. The have a great kids area with awsome books.

Frank MacGyver: Very cool little bookstore.

Noah Langford: This is a wonderful outdoor and indoor free art gallery

Steven Speciale: There are a small cadre of bookstores left in Los Angeles. A smaller group of them specialize in art; in this rarified group, ARTBOOK is one of the best. I find fascinating and beautiful publications here for me and to aid my teaching. ARTBOOK is especially strong in the contemporary arts.

9. TASCHEN Store Hollywood - Los Angeles

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· 53 reviews

Unnamed Road, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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TASCHEN Store Hollywood: what do users think?

J B: Nice and classy satellite storefront. Small selection though but still nice.


Murat Durul Senkal: Great bookstore with books you can not find anywhere else.

J DCV: Had a wonderful time browsing books at the Taschen location by the LA Farmers Market. It was busy when I was there but Marques made time to talk to me. We talked about what were the bestselling books, for example. Also, how some of the limited edition printings have now skyrocketed in value. I bought a Klimt book - a reminder of my time in Vienna.

Hunter Glenn: A very cool store!

Florence McCambridge: Small store with lots of beautiful books to choose from. Even when it’s busy the staff are super helpful and nice. My only complaint is that I want to buy everything 😍

Shane C.: Cool bookstore in farmers market

Jon Crowley: The Taschen books are, themselves, all incredible works of art! Big sale in February, btw

Luca Pontarelli: Love all Taschen locations, and this one is no less. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff, plus new, old and limited edition books. +++

Lea: Beautiful store and ideal spot for nice gifts. Highly recommend checking it out even just to look through some of the books that are simply masterpieces.

10. Chevalier's Books - Windsor Square

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· 162 reviews

133 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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Chevalier's Books: what do users think?

Daniel X. O'Neil: They have books.

Dmitry Portnoy: Chevalier’s has everything I look for from an independent bookstore: friendly and knowledgeable staff; a warm, inviting space to browse; an expansive yet curated selection that has almost everything I know I’m looking for as well as serendipitous finds I didn’t know I was looking for; and the best research and ordering process the one or two times something wasn’t available.

David Sullivan: , and extremely helpful and friendly staff. Will be coming back regularly.

Jeffery Page: Love this bookstore and the staff is super friendly and helpful.

Jack Loh: Great indie bookstore in the midst of Larchmont Village to peruse and shop for physical tomes.

Amarilys Acosta: Cosy bookstore. Employees happily engaged in bookish conversation with readers, and had good follow up recomendations.

Joshua Chang: It’s a great book store and they can order any book you want.

Nicole Crawford: What better way to build community than through books- an establishment for a reason. Excellent speakers, readings, community, and selection. Please buy from independent bookstores!

Sherrill Smith: Love this bookstore. Enjoy giving gift certificates from Chevalier's.Located in charming Larchmont Village. Staff lovely, knowledgeable and helpful.

James Berkowitz: True indie local bookstore serving the community and providing exemplary customer service with an excellent selection to peruse and take in. Welcoming atmosphere and staff that goes above and beyond to fulfill one’s book quest.I stopped by the store approximately 1-2 weeks before the September 3, 2023 release date of “Time Without Keys” Ida Vitale distributed by New Directions. A pleasurable exchange and book conversation with Quinn and Emma who placed the order and upon my walk today stopped in to pleasantly find out it was there in a punctual manner. Their team work and friendly demeanor exceptional. I call him The Mighty Quinn as a reference to the song and the fact we both prefer the Manfred Mann cover! Good to have some lighthearted humor in the mix.If you look at the photos closely there is one with the bag. Pay attention to the store stamp. Quinn stamps each bag one by one!!! This is how much heart and love goes into the endeavor. Support this store and share with others who love books and writer events.

Cedron Mcknight: Dropped off a copy of My book 📖

David Walsh: Classic shop. Been here forever. Great staff.

11. Larry Edmunds Bookshop - East Hollywood

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· 128 reviews

6644 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Larry Edmunds Bookshop: what do users think?

Jacob K: Legendary. Old and new books and albums about cinema. Absolute for film lovers.

Carina Jahn: Really nice bookshop with a great selection of books and vintage posters. I visited a couple of weeks ago and bought a Casablanca book and poster. I was looking for other books on Humphrey Bogart and both the shopkeeper and employee that was there were very friendly and helpful. *As an aside, I am getting a puppy in a couple of weeks and naming him Bogart, so I had to pick up some Bogart items while here! I would definitely visit the store again when in LA. I also checked out their online shop and they have a huge selection of items to choose from. If you enjoy films this is someplace you must visit!

ona foster: I've never stepped foot inside this store, but they are wonderful! I ordered a gift certificate for my brother's birthday that got lost in the mail and they were so kind, quick and professional - replaced it and sent it by email on the day of his birthday. Impressive customer service!

Hubert Casellas: The classic look and the knowledge about every film is here enormous and very welcomed!We bought an original Star Wars poster and my son has it on bis bedroom now.Everytime I see it,I remember the day we bought it!

Lynette Bridenthal: This bookstore is the only reason to go to Hollywood Blvd.

Njål Lambrechts: Fantastic place for film buffs! Poster heaven, and maye some of the most service minded peopli in LA.

Adam Widera: If you wish to see the real Hollywood you have to visit this place. Movie scripts of your fav movies, books by actors and for actors. For the fans signed photographs. The staff is friendly and will provide you with an advice if you tell them what you're interested in. No cheap plastic merch just real art for movie lovers. A real piece of history.

Bob: Lots of books on Hollywood and movies.

Stephanie Osorio: Fell in love with this bookstore!

Damon Tedford: Cool shop. Good selection of movie posters and photos.

Lee Werner: Fantastic time warp shop with great cinema books and Hollywood memorabilia. Great staff who are knowledgeable and eager to inform.

Peter: I bought 4 posters as souvenirs here today. It’s my last day in LA. The shopkeeper was very friendly and gave us a happy ending.

Tom Olson: Great book store for fans of movies, television, and famous stars. Friendly owner has excellent knowledge of Hollywood history. The store is a blast to the past and deserves to be supported and treasured.

alberto fonseca: A wonderful experience for those of us that enjoy movies, actors, directors, etc...Great selection of movie scripts, biographies, movie books, etc...The store manager was very helpful and courteous going out of his way to research and assist our many questions and related.A small store well stocked with a plethora of movie paraphernalia. I can not wait to return.My grandson is studying to be a director and I was able to find him a script copy of his favorite movie. To my daughter who just lost everything to the "mosquito fire" I was able to find her books for a new start on her collection of actresses.

Will W: Everything Hollywood Original movie posters, Hollywood movie scripts, vintage books and magazines this place is amazing.

12. Mystery Pier - West Hollywood

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· 32 reviews

8826 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Mystery Pier: what do users think?

David Ramos: Absolute gem of a book store. Loved the "secret"-ish entrance, and the owner was awesome to talk to!

Richard Zahn: The best

J Bates: Fantastic little spot. Very knowledgeable. Great Service. Highly recommend

Julia K: Life changing visit to a charming shop.

VIRGINIA GONZALEZ: I'm of few words, but thos one on bucket list ,you will not regret it .

Nash Holcomb: Such an amazing store, really feels more like a museum of literary artifacts, first editions of just about everything! Many of them signed! A must see for anyone remotely interested in literature

Carlos: Louis and his dad are great. They are both incredibly knowledgeable, have read every fiction book ever printed, and have a great sense of humor. Not to mention they have some incredibly mind-blowing stuff in there. Definitely worth a visit.

Sandra Gilroy: What a little treasure this place is. Harvey and Louis are so knowledgeable and welcoming. It was a joy to visit and I'm delighted with the book and tshirt that I bought.

Jon Mizrahi: . Even if you can't afford to buy something / aren't in the market, it's a nifty little place to spend a few minutes and peruse.

Emily Cook: Love visiting. Everything is very pricey but probably the norm for first edition books.

Barry: A hidden gem! 🤩🤩🤩

Joel Levine: Best rare book store ever! Great selection, great service, pleasure to deal with

Debra Marble: This hidden, eclectic book shop is amazing! You are immediately blown away by the sheer number of volumes, the presentation and displays. I was especially enthralled with the signed scripts and the Winnie-the-Pooh books! But as pricey as the back room is, the opposite is the front room, where there are a number of contemporary volumes all priced to only appreciate! Harvey is simply delightful and a font of knowledge. This is a must see if you're visiting the Sunset Blvd. area!

Sonia Ban: good place

Mf 1514: My mother, brother and I went there with a friend of the bookstore owner, i never heard of this place, i really loved the experience, they treated us really good and showed me a lot of things like books like harry potter signed by a lot of actors of the films. It’s a place that you must visit, definitely a 10/10

Darlene Jackson: This bookstore is iconic it is literally a museum of books in the heart of West LA. I feel thankful to have met the owner and seen all of these works of art. Go see them now!

13. Taschen - Beverly Hills

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· 71 reviews

354 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Address Website WhatsApp
Taschen: what do users think?

Walid S: It was a bit messy and overcrowded, discounted items weren’t obvious

Jimena Sánchez: Beautiful bookstore!

Gita Mireles: looks really cool and has a nice selection of books.

Tim Hunold: Small but wonderful selection. Make sure to go upstairs

tolga oguzhan: All about arts there is...

Steve Chappell: I mean, it's wildly expensive, but such high quality. This particular outlet has ALL the books, including ones for $20 and others for several thousand. Helpful staff, too.

Ed Schmitz: For art, architecture, film, european erotic photography best combination of price and quality in the world for books

Evelyn: Best place on earth to be honest!

Sunzida Ferdous: Randomly came across this bookstore. Loved the space and their amazing collections! Will definitely come back again.

Calvin Robertson: I love this store.. I could just peruse their selection for hours. Great staff, very friendly and helpful!

Edward Valentino: Great store, very reasonable prices, and very friendly service.

14. Miracle Mile Toys & Gifts - Mid-Wilshire

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· 104 reviews

5464 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
Miracle Mile Toys & Gifts: what do users think?

ngetich dominic: This place looks amazing.

Ismail Olalekan: This place looks amazing. Such a great selection of toys.

Borya Lopenih: I stopped by this toy store looking for a special gift for my nephew, and the staff's toy recommendations were spot on! They guided me to unique and high-quality toys that my nephew absolutely loves. Although some items were a bit on the pricey side, the quality of the toys more than justified the cost. I'll definitely be returning for all my future gift shopping needs.

Dona Tom: I recently ordered all the decorations and party favors for my daughter's birthday from this toy store, and I couldn't be happier with the service, quality, and value. The staff was incredibly helpful in helping me find the perfect items for the party. Everything I received was of exceptional quality, and the prices were very reasonable. The party was a huge success, and I owe it all to this fantastic toy store!

Lorena Vazquez: Our favorite toy store. Love that we can support a small business and they always have the most unique toys. Our go to for gifts.

Rachel Rogers: I had no idea what to get my 2 1/2 year-old niece. I took one lap around this store and had the perfect gift: binoculars. My niece loves them and now she might even love me. Thanks Miracle Mile Toys & Gifts!

Carrie Harr: Wanted to buy everything - so cute!

kellyp Preschool Passion Lessons: . Next time I am up there, I will be headed in to purchase items for our preschool. Not only did the staff at Miracle Mile have big hearts, but quality and affordable products. I would highly recommend purchasing your next gift or items for your child in Miracle Mile! Thank you so much for the amazing service and adorable gift you put together!

kimchi Warrior: 425 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles Cosplay shop, we need the Kimchi Warrior cosplay

Christine Johnson: Beautiful store with thoughtfully chosen toys and gifts. A pleasure to shop there.

sumaia: Beautifully laid out store with a big variety of toys for all ages. She has a huge Maileg collection.

Shedell Zurak: Went in with my daughter to buy a gift for my youngest son. I was hoping to find something not expecting to have so many options. A great selection of quality toys and a beautiful selection of books from diverse authors.

Yachne Serrano: Happily stumbled upon this lovely shop yesterday looking for a gift for my one year old nephew. Was really impressed by the selection of toys and products! Have tons of interactive and educational toys, beautiful keepsakes, gorgeous blankets.. And for kids of all ages. So glad to have found a one stop shop for my kids gift needs. And got complimentary gift wrapping in the cutest paper! 😍 thanks for the wonderful service, your shop was a life saver in a time crunch!

Dabnis Fili: Bought my nephew a very cool wooden toy here. A simple wooden airplane. He loves it.Great store with great customer service and all sorts of cool toys. The coolest thi s I saw....... Kites shaped has pirate ships

15. Poketo - Los Angeles

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· 96 reviews

374 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

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Poketo: what do users think?

Maki Taniguchi: Great place to grab some truly unique and tasteful gifts. The kind employee here had just locked up when I ran up to get my pre-ordered goods! Convenient spot on the corner in Little Tokyo. Very highly recommended.

Todd Cunningham: Great product selection, wonderful customer service. Clean, minimalist, bold, fresh.

Heather Ramirez: Love their stuff. The staff is super attentive and helpful.

Dzmitry Mik: Tasty and accurate place

Renata Oliveira: Great shop with great selection. Loved the notebook cases and sunglasses!

Joe Reynolds: I love their stationary and the Little Tokyo store is really nice. They have testers their face and body products which is great!

traci kato-kiriyama: One of my favorite gift shops in DTLA and Little Tokyo. Lots of unique albeit pricier items. I especially LOVE their paper products. I’m addicted to their planners and have been going to Poketo for my planners for years now - Everything from the colors to the interior layout and thoughtful structure and space and yes I’m still talking about their planners. Love em.

16. Spitfire Girl - Los Feliz

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· 15 reviews

1939-1/2 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Spitfire Girl: what do users think?

Peter Drobac: Totally weird store. You’ll find something interesting.

Lauren Bruinsma: Beautiful jewelry selection from more high end to affordable/everyday wear. Unique perfumes, coffee table books, home decor, etc. I'd recommend at least checking this shop out if you're in the area. The location on Melrose Ave. closed down.

Aycha Sade: Love this place! We found some very creative and interesting items. The lady who looks like Cher was very friendly and helpful! I live in Houston, but whenever I visit L.A. again, I’m definitely stopping here!

Guy Heger: Very nice local shop. Tons of really unique gifts that I picked up for my Christmas Shopping. The employee that was there at the time was super kind and wrapped what I bought for me as well. I would love to stop by again and pick up more gifts in the future.

joon seo lee: I really like this store! Great selection of eccentric products and oddities that I usually don't see online. Worth a visit!

Eileen: Quirky collection of home goods, clothing, and accessories. Friend and I spent a solid 45 minutes just marveling at all the different, eclectic trinkets carefully organized across the shop. Prices are VERY reasonable, especially for LA and the associate was also extremely kind and helpful.

John Strutz: Clothes. Fashion. Culture.

Sandra Spitaleri: Shop to discover, perfect for giving gifts and buying something extravagant for yourself!! You have to enter to be pleasantly surprised, from the outside it doesn't convey anything.
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· 278 reviews

4327 Degnan Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Address Website WhatsApp
Eso Won Books: what do users think?

Gregorio Esparza: Go There before they shut their doors.

adjoa jones: Excellent place for purchasing books by Black authors and the owners are very knowledgeable of the latest and what they have in stocks. Have been supporting for decades

Rochelle Taylor: Excellent selectiion

C. Marlon: Awesome book store with great owners!

Miguel Lourido: Very good Afro-themed books

Keita Mellion: Great bookstore in Leimert Park in the heart of Los Angeles. A staple of African American literature and culture.

Maryam Khan: I could’ve spent all day in here talking authors and different styles of writing with the two gentlemen running the store. Eso Won is a gem.

Regina Flores: The owners were super helpful and friendly. They basically have a catalogue of their books available or sold out in their heads-- who needs a computer?! It's a small space, but jam packed with lots of titles including the children's book section. I will definitely head back and highly recommend to all wanting to support small and/or Black-owned businesses.

18. Artist & Craftsman Supply Downtown LA - Los Angeles

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· 359 reviews

1917-1921 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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Artist & Craftsman Supply Downtown LA: what do users think?

Mark Goggin: Квалифицированный персонал и это отличный независимый магазин товаров для искусства.

Re Mac: . Они также были очень терпеливы и отзывчивы и вложились в мои дилеммы с аэрографией. Десять миллионов звезд.

Crystal Star: Замечательный магазин товаров для творчества. Отличное место для покупки подарков для художников и ремесленников.

Rick Medcalf: До него было легко добраться на транспорте, он был светлый и открытый, и они позволяли вам осмотреться. Отлично подходит для рисования и рисования. Многие малые арт-проекты тоже стремятся достичь этой цели. Для детей и взрослых.

Angela Davis: А еще отличные цены!

Ronnie Rum: Love love love have all kinds of thing I really appreciate this place ,this place makes Micheal’s look like play less love this place!.

Robert Muller: Good deals here

Blanca Hernandez: I love art

Jacobo Mayorga: Thank you got everything I needed great store.!!Looking forward to come back!!

Laurel Klynn: If you need it, or want it, or don't want it, or want to not want it they have it. Professional stuff, amateur stuff, kids stuff, silly fun. The store is huge, well organized, and the people are nice. Prices are good.The only downside is it's filled with distractions, new loves, and impluse buys so good luck staying on task and under budget. Oh but the parking is very bad, so good luck with that.

Dos Diablos: Good assortment of art supplys, good service and very friendly place.

19. Other Books, Comics, and Zines - Boyle Heights

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· 45 reviews

2006 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Other Books, Comics, and Zines: what do users think?

Jamie Ross: The best ever ever

M. D: It is impossible to leave this bookstore without one or more of it's gems. Fantastic curation; great people.

Ale Melendez: They have pretty much everything, classic, vintage, zines, comics, art books, essays. I’m obsessed

Maria Santos: They served me very well and I liked the menu. Very delicious. I recommend them. There is a lot of space outside and inside and they have free parking.

Gerry Jimenez: Please open earlier on weekends, please? I travel far away and need to trade the train. By the time I’m ready to head back, the store isn’t open. I was there twice, I miss it so much!

Will Hand: Simply the best.

christian ponce: One of the most underrated and well curated selection of books in Southern California.

Matthew Bell: A fantastic, community-based bookstore - unlike any other place in Los Angeles. Everything is really thoughtfully and authentically done here.

Aaron Yarlas: Such a hidden gem! Fantastic selection of fiction and graphic novels, as well as political books and lots of other non-fiction. Many used books were greatly discounted. Highly recommended! Support awesome indie bookstores like this one.

天(1S): Rad, rad, rad spot. Friendly, kind, cool staff. From the contents, you can tell they care about the world, people, and they Get It. I love the zine selection and displays. The surprise bonus — vintage clothing. It’s a pretty paradise. Highly recommend for anyone into reading, art, zines, or fashion. There is SO much to look at, browse, and read here!! Unexpected titles and even Midori art notebooks.

20. Paper Source - Los Angeles

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· 17 reviews

700 W 7th St Suite S210, Los Angeles, CA 90017, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
Paper Source: what do users think?

Vanessa Forte: Very unique. You can have invitations customized!

Thaís Stella Delgadinho Ramos: Really good store for different gifts and wrapping options.

Bri C: Fun store for all ages. Lots to explore. Saw a toddler break a $14 item. Store clerk immediately came around saying it's okay and not to worry about it. 👏 👍

Charles Luke: Great Service! Wrapped a gift for my daughter's 21st birthday.😎

Michal Brichacek: Cute store with a great variety of stationary supplies and other cute, fun little gifts

Barndi Kim: Идеальное место, чтобы получить подарок, а также все, что вам нужно, чтобы сделать этот замечательный подарок! Также отлично подходит для канцелярских товаров для себя, забавных настольных вещей, календарей, журналов, поделок — это потрясающий современный магазин канцелярских товаров!

mx alix: Выбор меньше, чем в других магазинах PS. Совместная парковка с торговцем Джо, подтверждено.

Jonathan Herrera: Люди отзывчивые и дали мне несколько отличных рекомендаций, чтобы найти то, что мне нужно.

G Management: Я шокирован полученным отрицательным отзывом, так как меня всегда очень устраивала продукция в этом магазине, а упаковщики подарков очень талантливы и получаются красиво упакованные подарки!

Mustafa Abbasi: Отличное место для всех ваших подарочных упаковок, бумаги и канцелярских товаров.

Erick Cortez: Отличное обслуживание клиентов!

alexandra olivas: Для моей новой навязчивой идеи У них есть карты ручья Шитта😍 Очень дружелюбны и полезны

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