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Airsoft Extreme Paintball Gateway and Airsoft Airsoft Megastore Project N1 Airsoft Field Airsoft Master Jag Precision - Airsoft Wholesale Distributor KWA Tac City Airsoft

1. Airsoft Extreme

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· 73 reviews

206 S Star of India, Carson, CA 90746

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Airsoft Extreme: what do users think?

Giovanni Rodriguez: I saw a cool car here and nice gun

diana loza: It was so 😊👍👍

Jacob Putnam: Went there today to check out the place have bought from them 6 years ago the staff is very friendly and will tell you everything you would need to get started playing airsoft love this store

Jonathan Mukai: Pretty decent store. They have a good selection of weapons and gear. I wouldn't suggest this store for people just getting into the sport. When you go in, you're expected to buy something. Overall, good store, good selection, good service. Guys are a little in your face sometimes

Pat Castillo: Great place low prices and friendly staff

Arcángel MAAZE: shout out Elijah, great salesman, a hobbyist and very knowledgeable. It was fun having him help me out and sell me my first airsoft.

Jack Williams: Helped me pick out a new pistol and got it kitted out with upgrades! Will definitely be returning.

Ray Penber: Patients of the gods very knowledgeable and more than kind to all the customers newbies and experienced

milk steak: crazy good price and qualityStaff even helped when I called about help with my M4 the next day

loren L: I was Looking to get information about starting airsoft i ended up at airsoft extreme. I had a million questions. And the owner had a million answers. His knowledge and easy going nature of the sport help me decide on what to buy. He never tried to sell me the more expensive rigs. I almost felt like he was trying to save me money, if your a beginner and want a sport to do with your kids come here. If your advanced and want a huge selection with hopups and mods. Come here. . Right off the 405 freeway in Carson torrance area. GPS location because its in a buisnesss location off main streets. Gate off main st is usually allways open

Oscar Contreras: Good prices 👍🏻

Adolfo Cortes: Been coming to this place for years definitely a quality store for your airsoft needs

Nicholas Cabello: is really nice keep it up, Really nice service, Nice Business, Nice Selection of Airsoft guns and Airsoft equipment.

Samz Pow: Good

Daniel Guzman: small store with friendly staff. Bringing in your stuff that you plan on buying for helps them immensely and in turn they help you.




· 4836 reviews

2801 W Mission Rd, Alhambra, CA 91803

Address Website WhatsApp what do users think?

Aaron Wong: Best airsoft retailer in my area, they have so many options and are super friendly. They are patient and knowledgeable, helping beginners pick out their first airsoft gun.

Angela Sorrell: Super cool place! Definitely recommend going to check it out!

Alfonso Soltero: Top notch customer service and their products are excellent, been doing business with them for a while now and always a great experience, highly recommended.

C C: so I trust what he says.The process was very direct and swift, and everyone was joyful and in a good mood. The store was king of empty so it felt weird being one of the only people there, but they made it feel welcoming and inviting.I would recommend visiting the store if you have the time. Although, they cannot modify your weapon on-the-spot if you purchase internal mods. It requires a waiting period due to the amount of guns they are working on, and Steven said it would be about 5-7 days for them to get your gun finished. Please note this if plan on buying mods on site.

Greg Romo: I go here often to look at all the airsoft stuff and the fishing stuff. Very nice that I can get fishing gear and airsoft stuff in one place . Check out Thier deals because they have some mad deals .staff is super cool , knowledgeable and friendly.

Eliott Chen: The selection of jigs is ridiculous, and they even have a huge selection of fancy deepliner and nature boys jigs.

Owen Onstott: Very good

Babak Missaghian: Good selection, and good customer service

Joker: I krajizzled my pants the second I went in

Alex J (Neon_lol): When I entered evike for the first time, I was so hyped up, staff was nice and I could see the gans

Anthony Anderson: Absolutely great company with great staff! This is my Airsoft store Super Market! If you haven't shopped here yet, now is the time lol!

Lê Nghĩa Atlanta: customer service very good delivery exactly days

Justin: Accepted my returns for store credit with good customer support

Jerry Matthews: Exactly as described and shipped fast

3. Paintball Gateway and Airsoft

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· 125 reviews

16921 S Western Ave UNIT 112, Gardena, CA 90247

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Paintball Gateway and Airsoft: what do users think?

onlywithEDDIE: Pretty cool place. Went to fill my co2 tank which was $10. I saw other places that charge $6 but $10 is nothing to complain about. Cool services looks like they have a lot gear and guns. It is a hole in wall tho but as long as you follow GPS and pull in a parking space you should find it on the right. There is a flag outside with there company name and logo on it.

Auzzie beagle: Needed a magazine for an airsoft pistol I got from another store so the chance of them having it was slim but I'll be damned if they didn't actually pull one out of the back the was exactly the one I needed

Aldo Arredondo: Great place to buy paintballs and paintball gear!

Chris Fletcher: So happy to have met these guys. They are very knowledgeable and offer a wide variety of views and input. Especially for those just getting started. Jacob in particular was fantastic! Very patient, and he really listens to his patrons. So excited to see them all again over the weekend for a few games!

Payton Davis: Super chill spot. Was empty when I visited, nice to save $ on paint with the reball, definitely worth a visit

Jayden: It’s really fun bring your kids here. My kids love to come here. Also airsoft is the best I enjoy it so much.

Jose Manuel Garcia Solares: The friend is very kind, if I doubt I will return

Mark Pedigo: These guys are super kind and patient, they will help you make a comprehensive decision about your playing level and style 👍🐧

sniperu1: Hadn't been in over 4 years. Super customer service and very friendly. Always a pleasure to do business with Paintball Gateway.

Javier P: I had a hard time finding it but once I did they were very helpful this was my first time and they helped me figure what I needed for the guns I had

Sam Araujo: Nice paintball Airsoft shop helpful and well-informed workers. They fill CO2 tanks and compressed air tanks.
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· 345 reviews

12140 Altamar Pl, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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Airsoft Megastore: what do users think?

Justin M: Found an item that I really wanted but couldn't find anywhere else on their website. Ordered it and it shipped and arrived quickly, as advertised. Arrived in perfect condition, no funny business, no problems. Just wanted to express my satisfaction and let anyone know that they're good to order from!

larry mccoy: Excellent !

PATTY p Abrego: Very good place

Scott Moore: Just got into the airsoft hobby about a year ago, have bought a few different airsoft AEG items from Airsoft Megastore, so far experience has been amazing! Lots of items in stock, fast shipping, email response time is excellent. Highly recommend purchasing from the Airsoft Megastore!
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5. Project N1 Airsoft Field

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· 215 reviews

12440 Exline St, El Monte, CA 91732

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Project N1 Airsoft Field: what do users think?

Aaron Wong: Love playing here, the staff is super friendly and helpful. They rearrange the field pretty often, so it always feels fresh and new. Refs have fun and joke around with the players while maintaining professionalism keeping everyone safe. $25 admission after 6:00 pm on Sat/Sun stay until close is the best time to play!

Greg Whitten: First time going to an indoor field, and I absolutely loved it. Games were fast paced and action packed. Staff and other players were super fun to be around. Overall a fantastic experience.

Samuel lin: Best community and true CQB. Come out here for a birthday party, corporate event, etc cause its a blast!

Lisimaco Vasquez: The truth is, I don't know what rating to give it, because I'm not the one who is going to participate in the game, I take my son and he is the one who participates, but from what we talked about, it is a very good place for those who like this type of game. events

SuperPEKKA336: Pretty alright airsoft field. Only complaint I have is that they don’t require barrel covers which is required at all other fields I’ve been to. The staff were friendly-ish. The players there were all very nice.

Leo F: Great players, refs are focused and communicate often. I'll be dominating here more often. Cheers!

Noah Love: Always a different experience

guyz1204: MetaArms VR is a really cool place to hang out. It reminds me a lot of Call of Duty.

Carlos Chacon: told me one time "You look extra thick today" without a doubt the gayest thing any man has ever told me. Regardless of the terrible staff this place is where boys become men. Get out there and get good.

Michelle Zhang: Amazing staff and the Meta Arms VR experience was extremely fun. Highly recommend!

Eric Gonzalez: First time here and I'm have a blast, its a great experience, controls feel and and quick and easy matches on MetaArms

pablo lopez: Awesome experience meta arm and project n1 made it happen

WildMan Cassius: Cool field great people and they have metaarmsVR that is super fun

Catherine Sue: Came here on a date to try the MetaArms VR game and we had so much fun!! Even though I didn’t know what was going on, the staff were really friendly and gave me tips every round. They even helped me upgrade my in-game gun and I was eventually able to get my date lol. Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of the graphics and definitely worked up a sweat running around the really cool maps. Will definitely return when I get the chance!

Michael Munoz: My son and I are new to airsoft, N1 made us feel comfortable and provided great support and advice. The players here are cool and friendly. After 2 months we both purchased gear and airsoft guns. The on-site tech there is awesome btw. The layout changes often and keeps the fun coming. Also the meta arms vr is sick the person who does it on the weekends does it the best. The meta arms is super cool after playing airsoft come play meta arms vr its simple to work it feels like your playing the real thing. I 100% percent recommend coming to n1 to play meta arms vr.

nathan zamora: Fun nice place to play airsoft have been playing for 2 and a half years and haven’t visited many other fields in socal love the friendly community and staff here and the MetaArmsVr experience to play with friends a 1v1 Call Of Duty style game

6. Airsoft Master

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· 104 reviews

7903 Knott Ave A, Buena Park, CA 90620

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7. Jag Precision - Airsoft Wholesale Distributor

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· 14 reviews

2223 Troy Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

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Jag Precision - Airsoft Wholesale Distributor: what do users think?

Will: Definitely a place for your airsoft needs...

Big Red: After buying a combat master alpha in the UK, I had some questions regarding the item itself. They replied back to me very quickly and gave clarity to what I was inquiring about.Good customer service 👍

Henry Lin: Both techs, Justin & Ken are excellent. They were efficiently able to provide me recommendations & the right parts inexpensively. I am no longer doing business with the company that I had purchased my original product with & will be making all my purchases via Jag Precision, even across country!

Lance Lewis: Always a pleasure to vist here

eric peterson: Called with a defective gear box and Justin made sure to give me a warranty on the parts completely free of charge amazing service and they stand behind there product!

Tab Terbly: I had some problems with a product, but customer service was great! I got it fixed up, with some help, and now everything is working fine! Props to Justin Cheng, he was very courteous and helpful.

Alma Navarro: I like the varieties of Airsoft products and the quality of each of their products, the sellers' attention to each customer is satisfactory. Thanks Jag Precision.🤗

Thomas Schandel: The tech team, and customer service has been very excellent. The scatter gun has a extremely satisfying feel and operation.

Mark Gould: Jag is a very well run company that always provides amazing customer service and fast services for getting items back in stock so that customers can receive items they want. The quality of products they carry is second to none. They are very good at providing all I need to provide for the consumer.

Salvador Gonzalez: Whether you're looking for a new supplier or need to replace your current, you can't go wrong choosing the Jag team. These guys offer great service,quick turnaround and are on top of communication. In an industry like ours, communication is vital. Above all that, these guys all know what they're doing and what they're dealing with. Both of those make for a great combination of people passionate about providing quality above all else. I've said it before and I feel they'll have me saying it again, Jag is your go to when you need perfection with friendly service.

Sejin Kim: Jag Precision is a top notch distributor of great airsoft products. They also provide excellent support during and after the sale and has a very friendly staff. Items are also always shipped very fast.

8. KWA

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· 12 reviews

17539 Rowland St, City of Industry, CA 91748

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KWA: what do users think?

Jeremy Schwarz: I could not be happier with the service I received. This is the second time I have had KWA service my 2 guns and I have always received top-notch quality customer support. the price wasnt bad and they shot like they were right out of the box. Thank you so much!!

Peter Lee: awesome products overall. absolutely love their selection of airsoft guns and the quality is amazing. unmatched!

Brandon Baque: Beat customer service

Quetza Coal: Good international service, always can count for spare parts.They send pieces to Spain and arrive pretty fast.I owned every KWA smg and all have been working perfectly, in my opinion MP9 is the best.

Matthew Mitchell: Great experience with KWA. Got my gun fixed through there warranty and it was so simple and quick. Start to finish was 8 days. 😊

Jackson Larimore: I ordered a gearbox shell from somebody on ebay and i got no screws, so i called KWA to get some. the 2 people i talked to on the phone were very nice and helped to guide me through what i needed to do.

Robert medina: They listen to your problems and KWA helps with them!

Randy Zhu: Best customer service hands down. I will never buy anything but KWA.Need a part? I can drive down to KWA at lunch and pick it up.

9. Tac City Airsoft

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· 792 reviews

2430 Artesia Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

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Tac City Airsoft: what do users think?

Josh Thieme: Love this place! They have a great crew running the facility. Safety first at this establishment which I think is fantastic. They've got all the gear you need always in stock.

Kyle Anderson: Great place, always room for improvement

unknown_ KING47YT: Cool place , me and my cousin went today to learn about airsoft and Cole explained everything perfectly from the airsoft guns, attachments and which airsoft weapons is the best choice to start off with . He also explained the difference between aeg and gbbr perfectly.. Fs gonna go back to play air soft

Bryan Duong: . Everyone was super friendly. Staff and patrons. I will be back

Wyatt Ross: . The player community is very encouraging and the long time players help coach the new ones. For as long as you follow the rules and you don't try to start a fight you should have an excellent time. Overall my favorite place to spend a day airsofting and would recommend this to anyone.P.S. whatever you do don't yell at another player to call their hits or the ref will shoot you 😳. My review originally said that the refs were very good at dealing with cheaters, now however they don't even care anymore 😠

Jeff Niegsch: As a business owner myself, I understand the significant impact a bad review can have, especially when it's misused. This prompted me to share our outstanding experience at Tac City, Fullerton, from the perspective of visitors from Phoenix. Despite encountering negative reviews, which seemed unfairly biased due to personal issues, our firsthand experience compelled us to return for a second visit. Once again, we were greeted by new yet equally friendly faces, reinforcing the exceptional atmosphere of community and service.From our first visit, it was clear that Tac City is a cut above: a welcoming place that feels almost like family, where players form lasting friendships in a clean, well-maintained environment. The staff's genuine enjoyment of their work and fair treatment is evident, reflecting the owner's commitment not just to profit, but to providing valuable service to the community. The onsite technician and thoughtfully priced offerings ensure a seamless experience, designed to keep Tac City providing top-notch service for years.Watching my 14-year-old son enjoy his time here, I am thoroughly impressed. Tac City isn't just an airsoft venue; it's a place where positive memories are made, and the community thrives. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a quality airsoft experience.

Savannah Hill: I really enjoyed my time at tac city. It was my first time playing Airsoft and I thought it was going to be boring but I actually really enjoyed it! Plus all the employees were kind and extremely helpful. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to play Airsoft in the future!

Chris Damiano: Michelle and her team were more than friendly and accommodating. They were extremely organized and fun. I would recommend newbies all the way up to the most experienced military personnel visit TAC CITY! Could not have had a better experience the two times we visited. Thank you TAC CITY…..we’ll be back!

Blake: Shoutout to Peter for being the coolest ref, always looking out for everyone and plays the best games!

Babak Missaghian: Nice place to play with other people

NARCISO PIEDRA: Great experience ,you need to try is awesome!!!

I'm not an escalator: My friend and I are novices when it comes to airsoft, but the community around us was so welcoming and cordial. My first time coming to Tac City, someone let me use their Glock. My second time coming, I had a H8R and someone let me use their flashlight for it, as well as letting me party up with them. My first time buying a gun here, the staff were extremely patient and kind when we didn’t know what to pick. The refs are extremely fair and actually listen to you when you have a concern or complaint. It’s apparent that the staff take the time to familiarize themselves with frequent visitors and make an effort to ensure that even newcomers have a positive experience. If I we’re to recommend a field in SoCal, I’d recommend Tac City.

Jordan Stoenescu: Great place to play highly recommend A+

Perfect Dark: The service here is really good. I believe the people working out front were friendly and helpful to newcomers. The rental desk was awesome. Big fan of the tall skinny white guy and the guy behind the rental counter at the time with a really hard name to spell that starts with NaThey helped me diagnose a problem with my own gun where I though the battery was dead. They tested it with one of their own so I could figure out that the battery was the problem. They allowed me purchase a battery and borrow one of their fully charged ones while they charged my new battery without additional cost! I just had to use my new battery as collateral which was very awesome!They got everyone to wear LED straps so it was easy to identify who was friendly and who was not! Overall a great experience for someone who came visiting from Norcal to play for the first time!

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