Best Academies To Learn Exchange Languages ​​in Los Angeles Near Me

California Language Academy France Exchange School & Services Chinese Language Academy of Los Angeles English Language Center - ELC Los Angeles Santa Monica Language Academy Mentor Language Institute California Language School Mentor Language Institute - Hollywood Adams College of English Beverly Hills Lingual Institute UCLA American Language Center (English Classes) American English College College of English Language of Los Angeles Strommen Spanish, French, German Classes and Translation A F International College Kings Los Angeles

1. California Language Academy - Los Angeles

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· 24 reviews

8632 S Sepulveda Blvd # 203, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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California Language Academy: what do users think?

fatih can çelik: It is a very warm and friendly school.

My self Tonia: Excellent school, I recommend it for anyone moving to Los Angeles. Flexibility in programs and friendly staff.

Nazım Güneş: , Mr. Hasan and the whole team were very kind and helpful. The best school in LA.

Ramazan Taşdemir: CLA has outstanding teachers and resources! I am very thankful, as a foreign student, for the personalized attention and dynamic classes that focus on my needs. This language school goes beyond language education, offering a welcoming community that improves the overall learning experience. 6 month ago I did not think my English can improve so fast. Very happy and lucky for my choice!

Murat Kaptaç: Great school to learn English

Salésio Correia: I thank CLA for this year of study and I am very happy for all the care they took with me during this period

Cansl Krz: Attending CLA has been a game-changer for the development of my English language skill. Since I have started the program a year ago, I’ve improved my speaking a lot thanks to the atmosphere of learning without being ashamed of not saying the words correctly, while the supportive environment has boosted my confidence. The school curriculum is well designed and attentive instructors have become like a family to me. I am very happy with the flexibility in scheduling and the variety of levels offered. It has made learning English more enjoyable for me.

Dilber Mammadova: I have studied at CLA more than a year and all the staff and teachers were amazing , helpful and supportive always

SEVDA: This is a great school to learn English .

Irina Pritsker: I have been attending this school for more than a year now and I can state with confidence that CLA is an excellent language school, mainly because of the focus on practical communication. The real-world applications make the learning process dynamic and very interactive. The teachers have been very helpful and patient at making sure I understand everything that is taught.

Semih Karcı: this is the school where i learn English with excellent service

Metin Demirci: I really love to hanging out at school. All teachers, employees so funny and kind. You guys really need to see atmospheres!

Jessy Canales Guillen: It is a pleasant experience to be able to share with people from all over the world and different cultures, I am learning languages, culture and gaining new friendships. The best California Language Academy experience

Güven Saçıkaralı: Best language school in Los Angeles!

Ozan Özdemir: This is an amazing school, I had learned a lot throughout the course.

Eren T: The CLA is excellent for learning English, with great teachers and a friendly atmosphere. The teachers are dedicated, creating a perfect environment for language acquisition. It's truly a standout foreign language school…

2. France Exchange School & Services - Mar Vista



· 7 reviews

3590 Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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3. Chinese Language Academy of Los Angeles - Los Angeles

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· 45 reviews

12401 Wilshire Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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4. English Language Center - ELC Los Angeles - Los Angeles

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· 250 reviews

10850 Wilshire Blvd #210, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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English Language Center - ELC Los Angeles: what do users think?

Lila Berris: It's a great school for students and teachers

Thuault Léa: I studied for a month and a half at this school and I don't regret it at all. The courses are very interesting in addition to having attentive and friendly teachers, nothing to do with the courses that we can have in our schools. Many activities are organized. I could never thank the people I met there enough for everything they gave me and I hope to return there soon!!!I recommend ELC, you will meet extraordinary people in addition to learning English easily and quickly!!

giridhar pera: Great help from IELTS administrator Eunnis, Thanks a lot

jordin castrillon: , the director of the program told me that she wanted me to feel comfortable here and that I should know that I am part of the ELC family. Everybody here has brought me a mighty long way !

Maarion Roy: This “school” is incredible!Such an enriching experience & meetings from all over the world.Staff who really listen and are always there when needed.The program director is so kind & so open to us, it's really appreciated.She is incredible !Teachers who are so kind & educational & a lot of fun.I highly recommend these English courses in which you really progress at your own pace and above all without pressure.

5. Kaplan International Languages - Los Angeles Westwood - Los Angeles

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· 95 reviews

1100 Glendon Ave Suite L1, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Kaplan International Languages - Los Angeles Westwood: what do users think?

Kelly Galindo: Studying in Kaplan was One of the best experiences of my life for sure.Teachers and staff are friendly and willing to help whenever you have a problem.

Ariadna RS: I had the best time of my life! The teachers and the staff were so incredibly NICE and professional! And are always there to help you if you need it! I meet the best people all over the world and I really had the best time!

Alyson: Very good school, wonderful staff, thank you to Gabriela who does her job very well she follows you to the end

Mohammad Gahwagy: Great facilities and wonderful staff!

fives: Had a fun time and the teachers were all really nice and fun people to be around with

mutlaq alquraini: Kaplan wesstwood is the greatest place to learn english in the usa , great stuff , amazing location , fun activate .. if you ever want to learn english you must to go in kaplan

Broken Heart: The best English language school in the world.

Eduard Poghosyan: The best experience i had. I had fun while staying and also made lots of life long friends.The staff was super friendly,helpful,kind.If you ever dream about learning english in international environment.The only bad thing i studied there to short i really recommend this olace and want to return ASAP!

Vulture 91: I had a good experience in this school. It helped me to improve my English

mateus burkle nascimento: Totally interesting

6. Santa Monica Language Academy - Santa Monica

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· 19 reviews

1428 2nd Street Lobby, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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7. Mentor Language Institute - Los Angeles

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· 141 reviews

10880 Wilshire Blvd #122, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Mentor Language Institute: what do users think?

石田吏玖: Fun

_: It was good to have a valuable experience of taking English classes at home.

池田真緒: The teachers were very kind and it was a good experience.

一瀬敬祐: This school has wonderful teachers and students. I spend wonderful time.I had to select more long plan.

David Carvajal Herrera: I really like mentor! The teachers are super good, the classes are super fun and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I would definitely return to Mentor!!!

イノウエケイタ: It was so much fun!

いつまでも少年です: It was a very good three weeks. The teachers were also kind and great.

松本彩佳: It was the best

MrWahib 707: Beautiful

Marina Krotikova: was incredibly beneficial, and the TOEFL

湊さやか: before i go to here,it was anxiety my English was so bigginer but i was able to enjoy class. As I went every day, my ears got used to it, and although it only took a month, I was able to hear a little of what they were saying. However, I wanted to continue going there more. I will definitely choose this school for my next choice. Thank you for great days.

Rachel A LIOT: Really good school with amazing teachers and staff members. the school is not to big which is perfect. I had an amazing time there and recommend it 100%

Ranya: It was truly an enriching and fun experience! The teachers are super attentive and they help the students to progress. The front desk staff are also very welcoming. Good way to improve English.

Camilla Chouder: It was great, the teachers and the staff were cool! The atmosphere was pleasant. Enriching experience and a good way to improve our English.

Alibi Rakhanov: I chose Mentor Language Institute because some people recommended me to go to this school to study English here and during transfer process, administration and especially Debora helped me a lot, with her quick responses to my questions and thanks to her, I didn’t have any problems.I like how they teach, how close students and teachers are, when me or other students had questions, we always get clear explanations for any topics. Also I like that teachers in MLI found an individual approach to each student, which greatly facilitated the process of learning English.I will recommend this school to everyone who wants to start learning English or to gain advance skills.

8. California Language School - Los Angeles

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· 31 reviews

639 S New Hampshire Ave STE 300, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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California Language School: what do users think?

Sebastiano Grasso: I higly recommend California Language School based on my experience. Friendly and always available staff, knowledgeable and professional teachers. The school is officially authorized by the United States to provide visas for international students. I recommend contacting the school via email. They respond quickly, clearly and effectively.

Dilara Eylül Kebir: I love this school 🏫

Jongjin Park: Absolutely nice school

Abdulla P: Best

Patricia “Patricia Arias Quevedo” Arias Quevedo: I was studying at the academy for 2 weeks in the summer and they treated me very well. Great people work there. A greeting from Spain

Ishahid Akhi: I need to admit, but I am at now A2 Visa stray there. My Visa expire date December 2022. How will do My Visa extension. help me from College to make visa extension.

Yuridia Elizarraras: I was a student at CLS for 3 years, when I just move to LA I couldn’t speak almost any English but everything changed thanks to CLS and their well prepared teachers, I learned so much English that I feel confident about it, plus I met people from around the world and also I got enrolled at a different school without presenting any English test just with an interview! I totally recommend this school, I will always have it in my heart. Thank you CLS

Ceyhun Daglı: Daniel is good person. He is disiplined and trying to make everything perfect what student need.

Cassy: Great School!The teacher is very friendly and has a good atmosphere😇

Ïlkar Gelisen: Had a parking place,clean, beautiful

Brian Rodriguez: If you need a language school this is the best one. Staff and teachers are very helpful, friendly and attentive.All of my questions are answered in a timely manner and very respectfully. Anyone who has come to this school will know what I’m talking about. The owners, Angie and Daniel are very open hearted people.I don’t know what some of these people are saying but I wouldn’t rely on the credibility of someone who only leaves bad reviews spreading negativity everywhere they go. Sounds like this school dodged a bullet.

9. Mentor Language Institute - Hollywood - East Hollywood

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· 191 reviews

7080 Hollywood Blvd #314, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Mentor Language Institute - Hollywood: what do users think?

なかだたいせい: When I heard about studying abroad, I was very worried about my English ability and whether I could keep up with the classes. However, the teachers were friendly and there was a space where I could speak freely without fear of making mistakes, so my attitude towards English, which I had previously felt was weak, changed dramatically and I started to feel like I wanted to learn more! I was able to learn things that I couldn't learn in Japanese schools, such as the sense of native speakers and how native speakers pronounce words, and I was able to use English without feeling embarrassed, so my English improved even after one week, but if I stayed for a long period of time, I think I would be able to acquire English skills that are incomparable to what I was before I came to study abroad. I learned the fun of learning and using English, so I want to study English a lot when I return to Japan! It was really fun.

永野紗花: It's only been one week, but my English has improved.

チャラ男番長: The staff and teachers were all friendly and kind, and it was a great time!The location was great as it was right in the center of Hollywood!

飯野しょうま: Each teacher had a strong individuality and it was very interesting! The students I attended were also very interesting, and I talked with them during breaks, and we all went out after school, so I had a really fun study abroad experience! ! The staff helped me when I didn't understand something, so I was able to come here with peace of mind! ! ! Thank you for about half a year✨

Renzo Gian: The teacher were very interactive and dynamic. It was a funny and enjoyable way to learn english.

Sayaka Nakamura (sayaka): I can learn English while enjoy studying.

門田陽奈子: I was able to interact with children from various countries and have fun learning English. I had a really fun time playing with everyone during the activities.

Kosuke SUZUKI: You can meet people from various countries and learn about diverse cultures.In school classes, we sometimes learn by playing games, so it's a fun way to learn English! ️

Tatsiana: Wonderful experience 📚 Would for sure recommend both for the quality of lessons and nice friendly atmosphere. The administration is super helpful and always responsive too.

m k: It was a short time, but it was fun!

カンクン: It was so fun!!

DANIEL GOMEZ OSORNO: It was a great experience in this school. There are good teacher and the staff is excellent. The classes are amazing and I improved my English. Thank you for all.

Alex Sidorenko: amazing school. Mercedes helps me get 100+ on the toefl exam

石見華蓮: All teachers and staff are good! I could made a lot of friends in the classroom. I was happy to study English here!

Yuka N: Although it was only a short 3 weeks, I was able to enjoy it thanks to my teachers! thank you very much.

堀内由佳: The staff was very friendly and the teachers were very enthusiastic and the classes were very fulfilling. The class had a good atmosphere and I enjoyed going to class every day.Although my stay was short because I had homework and tests to do, I think I was able to improve my skills. The location was good, it was clean and comfortable.

玉井佑奈: Good school, everyone like teacher, students, and so one is so nice to me and my English improved so much thanks to this school!!!Thank you much !!

hi-me-.: MLI was a fun month and a half. Not only the classes but also the staff are all interesting people 🤪, so I will definitely go again someday!Ryo-san to Mickey OtakuThanks to you, I had a great month and a half. I'm glad we got to talk a lot. Please come and play again next time 😊

Kurumi Sumiyoshi: I had fun learning English!

10. Adams College of English - Los Angeles

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· 122 reviews

3700 Wilshire Blvd #985, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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Adams College of English: what do users think?

오Amy은미: I studied language for two months with my teenage child. All of the teachers are very passionate and the director always kindly took care of any inconveniences. Thanks to this, my English skills improved a lot and I made good memories. In the same class, there were friends from various nationalities, including Africans, Russians, Venezuelans, and Japanese, and we had the opportunity to study together and become friends, so if you are planning to study abroad, I highly recommend this school!

농구는 필라: I felt extremely satisfied with the classes at this place. The teachers engage with each student individually, making an effort to ensure that no one feels excluded during the lessons. They are also very kind and nice. Especially Patrick and Sarah are outstanding teachers. Additionally, the school principal also takes the time to check in with each student, making sure they are adapting well and addressing any concerns or discomforts. The experience at this place was amazing, and if given the opportunity, I would love to come back again.

Soohyun Lee: It was a very enjoyable 3 months! It definitely has a warm atmosphere and the teachers are friendly, so if you have any questions about English or American culture, they always answer kindly.

Byambasuren Ganbat: Such an amazing school! I have learned so much. There’s a very good atmosphere between all students and teachers. I want to say my great teachers who are Daniel and Toni. Thank you for your time, patience and your realness. I appreciate you taking care of me .

Md. Jahangir Alom: Excellent College for English Language and the teachers are amazing!! Specially Dr Park and Mrs Park are very helpful.

Jéssica Hoffmann: I loved studying at Adams! I spent 3 months studying here and it was totally worth it, I have learned a lot!All the teachers are great, especially Toni, Daniel, Patrick, and Shara!! I love them!Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Park, and all the teachers for the support during these months.I definitely recommend Adams to everyone!I loved studying at Adams! I spent 3 months studying here and it was worth it, I learned a lot!All the teachers are great, especially Toni, Daniel, Patrick and Shara!! I loved them!Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Park, and all the teachers for your support during these months.I definitely recommend Adams to everyone!

Nigar Samedova: The Best language college i know in LA. really recommend Daniel as a teacher. his lessons are always interesting, fun and very educational. loved my 3 years experience in Adams College!Mr & Mrs Park were very attentive and helpful during this 3 years. happy to meet these people on my life path 🙏🏾

onhee l: There are various levels, so if you work hard, you can advance! They provide friendly consultation, so I recommend getting a consultation first.

sh Park: were really nice. In addition, everyone including the other teachers, the director, and Robert were friendly. If I had more time, I think I would have attended Adams College instead of other language schools. The tuition was cheap, but the classes and teachers were the best among the language schools. It's a pity that I couldn't go further. Thank you so much!It was a short time for a month, but I learned a lot from Adams college. Even though I made a decision in a hurry, the process was carried out quickly, and most of all, the teachers

lucas dornas: I loved the experience of studying here, I made good friends. The teaching is excellent, very attentive teachers, I recommend it! I will miss you, hugs Teachers; Shara and Patrick'sI loved the experience of studying here, I made good friends. The teaching is excellent, teachers very attentive, I recommend it! I will miss you, hugs Teachers; Shara and Patrick's

Elena: Great experienceGood atmosphereProfessional teachers and administrators

Vadym Moskalenko: Dr. Park and Mrs. Park are very attentive and helped me a lot along the way. Thank you! Wish you the best.

Nomad: Professional teachers, pleasant atmosphere. I improved my vocabulary, grammar, speaking. Now I know more about life in US. How it is like to live and work in California. We had a lot of conversations about politics, travel, nature, music etc. I'm satisfied with my progress, and I would like to recommend Adams College as a nice place to improve your English.

Елена Макеева: I liked studying at Adams College of English very much! The teachers are very professional and nice. The lessons are very interesting and useful. I improved my English and I can communicate with people around the World. I strongly recommend Adams College of English for everyone.

Janie Y: While looking for an English academy in Koreatown, I consulted with 3 places and decided on this one!The steps are well divided, and I really like the class content and the teacher!

emma ladiana: This school has a great atmosphereapproachable and understanding staff & teachers!

Heejun Lim: Adams college has a one of greatest TOEFL in LA. Teacher Joseph teach the class not only professional but also pretty cool. My TOEFL score increase more than 10 points during just two months.

11. Beverly Hills Lingual Institute - Beverly Grove

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· 36 reviews

8383 Wilshire Blvd #250, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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Beverly Hills Lingual Institute: what do users think?

Sergio Macias: I enrolled in beginner Greek 3 years ago when remote classes were made available. Completing the enrollment process online was slightly confusing as I was completely new to the process but the staff member that called to follow up was patient, friendly and most of all helpful. I felt very well taken care of.My instructor Stefania is always positive and encouraging and our pace is so catered to my needs. Classes are both textbook heavy, filled with real life lessons and include rounds of practice that are invaluable. I have learned so much ... we navigate through the complexities of the language with no short cuts so we have a deep understanding. I especially enjoy learning the background to words that help put perspective into what has become an intuition for the Greek language - even with what still seems like a limited vocabulary. I am excited to use it with family abroad and have genuinely enjoyed sharing the experience with my classmates. If I had the time I would take on another language or brush up on my Spanish - the point is I am motivated and happy to be enrolled and learning at BHLII have a very heavy work schedule and a full life so I am grateful to have been allowed make up classes - and it is fun to have an occasional student visit my class as they make up a class too.

Marvin Barrera: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueSidney, one of their French teachers, has patiently taught me French these last three years. Excellent teacher and great school!

Feryal Farahzad: I have been studying Italian for the past 2 years with Valeria and I enjoy it a lot!

Roman Young: Very friendly, organized and communicative about how to get started.

kathleen harrington: Teachers are very good! I am really speaking Italian! A thousand thanks!

Angela Kalinowski: Very well organized and amazing language school. I originally started a few years ago taking Portuguese with a lovely teacher named Cristiane. Now recently started Spanish class. All classes are small so you feel like it is almost private but with the bonus that you can interact in your language of choice w classmates. I can see the owner takes a lot of pride in choosing wonderful teachers and front desk staff. Lots of good vibes and energy all around! Big bonus that parking is also available in the building for a small fee after validation.

Aleksandra Martinovic: !

Angirson Lopez: Good job, Silvia is the best. I just need to be quicker.

Guillaume cds: I have been studying italian for two years at the Beverly Hills institute. I feel very fortunate to learn with such a wonderful and passionate teacher like Patrick. It is the perfect environment to learn a language after work. Great location, absolutely lovely and helpful team, very accommodating and professional management. The prices are more than fair for the quality of the teaching and the prime location, I highly recommend the Beverly Hills Institute.

Galya Alfreihi: Under the new management the school became WAY NICER and more friendly than what it was.I've been coming here for few years, studied 4 languages total so I had a lot of experiences at the school. All of my teachers were amazing, and I'm not just saying it to be nice. They are friendly and present the material in an easy understandable way. Classes are normally very small 3-6 people.If you are interested in taking French go to professor Pascal!

12. LASC - Los Angeles

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· 39 reviews

3530 Wilshire Blvd #190, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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LASC: what do users think?

Tiya Sangjan: I attended this school many classes. The teachers are amazing and helpful. LASC has many representatives who are nice and helpful also. They can speak Thai, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese.Strongly recommend LASC for you, if you want to improve your English language.


Jin: I really like the teachers, Chris and Ned at LASC! They are good to the students and very inspiring. Ken, one of the staff, is super kind and helpful too. I love LASC's happy and friendly vibe!

Jin Heun Jeung: I love LASC! They really take good care of their students. I've studied at other language schools before, and they were usually boring. But LASC is different – their classes are so fun and really effective for learning English.

Rachel kim: The price is good compared to other pricey schools like EF and Kaplan, and the program is really great!

Moonsoo Lee: I believe LASC is the best language school in Los Angeles compared to others. They respond well to students' requests and are very kind. Additionally, the student body is very diverse, allowing me not only to learn about American culture but also to gain insights into other cultures. I highly recommend LASC to ESL students!

김지연: LASC is the best place to learn English and American culture. The teachers and staff are incredibly nice and always support me whenever I need help with academic learning. Also, their Halloween party is awesome!! I absolutely love LASC!

Nathathai V: LASC is the best school in K-town. Here is where i’ve met my best friends. Also, I’ve got a lot of friends from many countries. All staff are really friendly and helpful. Teachers are amazing. LASC is more than a school for me

Yinji Zhao: I really like this school. Before learning English, I had been to several schools, but none had an atmosphere as good as here. Here, I have met classmates from many different countries and experienced various cultures. They have become my friends, and we still keep in touch. What satisfies me the most are the teachers, especially Ned and Chris. They are both outstanding, and I can feel their dedication and sense of responsibility in teaching us. During my time at this school, my English improved rapidly, and now I have started my professional studies. I am very grateful to this school for giving me many wonderful memories. I highly recommend it to people who want to learn English. I hope you, like me, can gain a lot here.

Ekapat Wongsaard: I would love to say that LASC is the best English school in Los Angeles! LASC is not only school we can learn English, but also the place that we can enjoy every moment with our classmates! Teachers are incredible! ALL staffs are very nice, professional and prompt to provide you information. Let’s check it!

Jessilin Moraes: Five stars for Andreia, from the Ktown location. She is always on top to solve all our doubts. She is super patient and a hard worker.Teacher Ned is a also great professional, one of the best grammar teachers I’ve ever had.

Lua Sayuri “Lua” Nishioka: The staff were very kind and helpful, specially Ken and Vini. The teachers, Will and Matt were smart and fun, which made the Business English classesvery interesting and useful. Thank you!

huiyi ren: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueTeachers and staff are very kind and helpful.

Jennifer Li: What a amazing school!She has integrate teaching System,high quality teacher team, professional front desk ,Serious ruler management. I strongly recommend.I have studied English here based zero,but now,after more than one year,I am able to read English Newspapers,English novels and talk with local people in English

Maya Kakeno: I am learning a lot here and it’s a fun place to be. The teachers here are very good. I’m glad I chose this school.

13. UCLA American Language Center (English Classes) - Los Angeles

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· 26 reviews

10920 Lindbrook Dr #100, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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UCLA American Language Center (English Classes): what do users think?

Aziz A: Late comment, as I was studying here in 2013 and had very good memories.1- The quality of education here is undoubtedly excellent.2- The location is in the best area in Los Angeles.3- Prices are somewhat high compared to commercial institutes, but if you can afford the costs, here is the first option without hesitation.

عبدالله -: They are amazing people, and amazing stuff.

Robina Blundell: One of the best places to improve your English skills for university.

Diana Eloeva: It’s been over a month since I have finished my AIEP studies at UCLA Extension ALC. I have to admit I am so grateful for this experience I have had during the last quarter of 2018. I was so pleased and excited to attend the classes and getting knowledge from highly experienced teachers. I would like to thank my grammar teacher Joan and my reading and writing teacher Darren. The teachers in both these classes were beyond my expectations. I was very pleased to see how well they represented not only themselves but the ALC program. It was just all positive vibes.I have chosen ALC because I’ve heard so much positive feedbacks of the educational program and also because it was close to many attractions like the beach, museums, and only one near UCLA campus. It’s just a beauty out there.I am pleased to admit after finishing my classes I realize that I have been missing so much fascinating time during my lifetime studies. Today I understand great education, it is what ALC has to represent for itself. I’ve never had such a great time in learning and studying the English language. Nevertheless, how much my English language has improved, especially vocabulary and grammar. I would like to thank all of ALC teachers who have helped us, foreigners, to learn the English language in the best and simplest way.Thank You, American Language Center!Sincerely yours,Diana Eloeva

Saud A (a travel nomad): Nice place to study and enjoy LA

Edgar Aguiar: AAA

14. American English College - Monterey Park

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· 42 reviews

111 N Atlantic Blvd UNIT 112, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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American English College: what do users think?

WANYU LIN: I enjoyed my time here. I went to both locations and the service was great – caring staff. I can also say that both campus teachers are educated and well trained.

Eduardo Amorim: AEC is absolutely amazing. From the beginning to the end of my experience. I need to express my gratitude to the Assistent Dean, Christine Wong, on how. clear she always communicate with me and everything she did to help me improve my English skills. Also I want to thank the teachers I had, incredible experience. Michael, Nicole, Whitney and Zarina you guys are amazing. I highly recommend AEC. THAAAANKS!

Gabriela Balarezo: American English College is the best English school and is an excellent option to learn English. Its teachers and administrative staff are very friendly, kind and polite, always willing to help.

Adoum Hissein ahmat: very well college

Lamine Doucoure: I don’t know where to start but this has been more than a school too me and I wish anyone that can attend it should join the family and I’m forever grateful of the experience I got from the teachers and the staff room for my 2 quarters I spent there.👏🏼

Umut Amuk: This language school offers a truly wonderful experience. The teachers are knowledgeable and motivating, the classes are highly interactive and enjoyable. The atmosphere in the classrooms is friendly and supportive. I made significant progress in my language skills. I highly recommend it!

Moohmd Hassan: The school is amazing, the teachers are great. Being a student for 1 year in the school helped me a lot when I got into my masters. The academic writing class was very helpful to develop the skill to write in graduate level. If anyone want to have a good experience in learning English with fun and qualified teachers. I totally recommend registering for at least one class at AEC.

Yuliia Kushch: Taking online English classes at AEC was a wise decision for enhancing communication skills. Everyday classes help to enlarge vocabulary and to feel more confident in using English. I'm thankful to Christine Wong for responding to all questions I had and guiding in an enrolment process. And I'm thankful to Joanne for being a super professional teacher who conducted interesting classes and motivated us, students, to talk more.So, thank you AEC for the great opportunity to study online.

VN Khasanov`s: I had great times with this school. Super helpful staff crew, especially Christine Wong - she is the best advisor I had at 4 different schools. Very flexible training hours and a variety of programs and levels. Nicole is also a great pronunciation teacher

Hayley Han: I had a wonderful learning experience at AEC where the instructors are professional and dedicated. They are friendly and patient in class, guiding the students to achieve their academic goals step by step. During the past semesters' study, my TOEFL score had been improved from 80+ to 100+, which contributes to my admission offers from prestigious universities in the U.S. I'd love to recommend the courses at AEC to all international students who want to improve their English fluency and accuracy.

Haider Ali: AEC's administration is very helpful especially Tiffany. My previous school was not allowing me to transfer. She helped me with manual school transfer.Thanks!

Daniella De: Before coming to the U.S., I paid about $1,500 a month to study abroad at a Hollywood school to take classes, but it was really bad. But here, the price is 3/1 and it is linked to Google messaging, so you can just register without a study abroad agent. The school itself has a well-organized system, and if you really want to study, I think it's a good idea to study here. If the location is okay. Like the person who wrote below, I am not advertising. Although it was only a short month, I learned a lot and made good memories at this school. Lastly, I had a problem with the school registration period because of my accommodation, and I was grateful that they took my situation into consideration despite the school's rules. I don't know when I will be able to come to the United States and study again, but thank you for making good memories and going!

Onder Uslu: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThanks for everything! This school is one of the best in Los Angeles. I recommend it to everyone. Affordable and quality training! Thank you so much Christine for helping me!

Yufei Li: I like this Language school. The administrative staffs Lisa and Amy are very helpful and respond to you quickly. The teachers are also great especially Nicole and Lisa . The school gave me a good experience here.

Juliana Bahia: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value

Roni Ohana: Positive:Value

Wonmi Lee: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI came to like English while attending this school. I didn't feel interested when I was learning English in my country. AEC has good teachers and fun students. Especially, I recommend Junko and Camilla's classes. They're really sweet, and friendly. They teach students patiently. I love AEC.

Jihyun Kim: OMG!! This school is best of best!! I had to choose some ESL classes for my nephew who came US just few month ago. At the first time, I was a little worried because I never heard about this school before. But now I'm very strongly recommend this school. Their programs are very systematic and the teachers are great!! My nephew still take classes in there before he goes to college in this Fall. His english ability is very improved and the school helped and advised a lot at every steps. If you or other people that you known need ESL class, just call to this school. They will be help you!

Rodrigo Ribeiro de Carvalho: Positive:Quality,ValueAEC was a great partner for me and my family while we were visiting L.A., What a wonderful place to learn english.

15. College of English Language of Los Angeles - Santa Monica

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· 67 reviews

320 Wilshire Blvd #301, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Address Website WhatsApp
College of English Language of Los Angeles: what do users think?

Jieun Kim: I had a wonderful time here in CEL Santa Monica. I could not only learn how to express myself in English, but also I could have the best summer vacation. The class is small, so I had many chances to speak in English with classmates and teachers. Also, It was a great environment to be friends with classmates. I could travel all around LA with my friends, participating in CEL's activities, and it was the best part of the experience. Teachers are so passionate, and they are always eager to correct my mistakes while being supportive. This place is so close to the beautiful ocean and the main street. My friends and I went out every day to leverage the location of the school, and I fell in love with Santa Monica every time.

Phil: and we had to repeat them all the time

Francesca Rossi: it was really a good experience, i feel like i've improved a lot.

Aline Benevides: I really enjoyed this experience. It was a great learning that I will take for the rest of my life. My teacher has always helped me and I made great friends during this time. I will always remember CEL with great affection.

Azusa Kanai: Teachers were very friendly and kind. The students were from many kind of different country, so I could make a lot of different country friends, and also learn different country's culture though conversation during classes. It was good time to learn English in this school.

Camila Guidi: I had a really great time at CEL, the classes are very nice! You can talk a lot to practice your english!

Adam Brandejs: Learned a lot, but still don’t have words to describe how good it really is

Josefina Franco Sánchez: Its a good place for learn and practice English, the people is very kind

Salvador Alejandro Franco Sánchez: its an amazing place to meet people and get a better english

Giacomo Milanesi: It was my first experience in an American college, I combined English lessons with surfing and it was fantastic. My class was made up of people from all over the world, a unique experience to be able to share our cultures and thanks to the teaching system and individual professors, I highly recommend the "College of English Language School Los Angeles.

Javier Aldamiz-Echevarría: It's a great place to study English. A very nice atmosphere, with funny teachers. A very good organization when teaching classes.But most importantly I had a great time.

Kornelija: I really enjoyed this school. I had the best teacher I ever had. The other one I had just for a day, was also very good and funny. The course was challenging but very relaxed. You can always ask whatever you want without being judged. Everybody is very helpful and they give you any help you need, from where to park your car, where to eat or find the best gym. You just have to ask. I would recommend it to everybody who wants to learn something and is open for new experiences.

16. Strommen Spanish, French, German Classes and Translation - Atwater Village

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· 34 reviews

3171 Los Feliz Blvd #314c, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Address Website WhatsApp

Michael Carrone: This language class is excellent. You will learn fast. I can’t wait to start my next class. Karen is the best.

Cole Pourciau: I highly recommend Karen for Spanish lessons! I've completed three of the group courses with her and have learned so much. Karen has been great to work with. She is super patient, always pleasant and has a great teaching style. It is great to be challenged while feeling comfortable and not pressured. I look forward to completing more courses and having some private sessions!

Samira Sadri: I have Yvan Reazza as my Italian tutor. I have been working with him for 3 months now and he is the best tutor i’ve ever had. He is so patient and is always available when you need him. He is very flexible and will customize your classes to make them fun and interesting for you. He has made learning Italian so fun and i enjoy every class with him. He knows the rules better than everybody else and i would definitely recommend him. The way he teachers is amazing and he is overall so sweet and fun.

Kerry Stirling: Sara Zanelletti has been teaching me Italian for a few months. I really enjoy my time with her. She is not only a great teacher but also a very kind person. Grazie mille!!

Gina Martin del Campo: I have been learning Italian for 2 years with Garrett Strommen. I'm 3rd generation Sicilian and always wanted to learn Italian. Although it is often challenging, it has been such a blessing to have been able to be learn the language I'm most passionate about. Garrett, who grew up in Rome is so patient with me and an overall wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Strommen languages for anyone who is seeking to learn a new language either with a private teacher or in a group class setting.

Wandie K: I have been lucky enough to take classes with different Strommen teachers over the years and I'm always so impressed with the skilled, creative and kind people on the team. My French classes with Stephanie were the jumpstart I needed to start learning French again after years of "I should really take French classes." She was very gentle and kind with my anxiety about my skill level and the lack of practice I'd had over the years. She was able to completely repair my confidence in actually learning French, now I just have to keep practicing!

Eric Pierre-Louis: Stephanie really helped guide my French progression - providing examples, exercises, and tips/tricks for critical topic areas. Her professional easy-going style easily fits with any learning style!

Toni C: I've been using Strommen for years, learning different languages. I like both the small group classes and one on one sessions. I especially love Valeria. She is so knowledgeable, patient, and makes learning fun. I feel so lucky she's my teacher. Truly a gem.

Madeline DiNonno: I've had the privilege of studying Italian with the amazing Vanessa Spinetti for the past few years! She is a native speaker who is very creative and innovative with her teaching style. I highly recommend Vanessa. I also recommend Strommen as I have taken language lessons at many schools, virtual and in-person and they do offer the best!

Paige Annette: Stephanie is my French tutor and she is amazing! I’m so happy I found her! She’s personalizes each lesson to each student. She’s very detailed knowledgeable and patient! Hidden gem!

Aliya Chen: I've been taking group French classes with Erin and she's amazing! She's super patient and kind, and she happily accommodates every student regardless of proficiency. She adjusts the pace based on our needs and tailors lessons to our personal experiences, so that I feel like I can already use French in real-world situations even after just a couple months. Definitely recommend Erin for an awesome learning experience!

Diana Gould: Erin is an excellent French instructor. The classes are interesting and fun and I'm enjoying them. If you are interested in learning French, I would definitely recommend Erin.

Cherif Gueye: Since December, I’ve been learning French with Erin, she’s genuinely the best teacher I’ve had. So kind, patient and specific to my ambitions in the language. She carefully builds programs for me that come to life in our 1:1 sessions. After about three months, I was comfortable enough to only speak French during our classes. She created a sage space for me to stumble into words and phrases, never making me feel like I wasn’t improving. In July, I went to Europe and saw family, surprising them with my ability in French. Shoutout to Erin for her teaching!

Guk yun Kwon: I've been taking classes with Erin for around 3 years. She is friendly teaching English. I definitely recommend her if you need English or French tutor.

Dmitry Bogatov: My teacher is Erin and everything is great. I like it a lot!

Thaïs Castrale: I started Italian classes with Vanessa 2 months before going to Italy for a full month.I highly recommend her if you want to take your learning at a quick pace and are committed to the homework load.I was happy to train and learn while in Italy by speaking the language every single day and felt very comfortable. She gave me a solid base.She provides tools in all areas for you to surround yourself with the language in a daily basis: from reading recommendations to songs and films, to news.She guarantees you can move fast through the grammar book.Advancing a chapter per class if you are committed.

Kim Minji: Erin is absolute great teacher. I've took her lesson for this few months as a group session and it's been very good. She's always making sure everyone's doing well and always makes class fun and easy to understand. Thanks Erin!

Christine N: I definitely recommend Vanessa if you're looking for a French tutor. It was towards the end of the school year when we realized we really needed a tutor, and fast. After searching online and calling many places, Strommen was reasonably priced and immediately available for virtual tutoring. Vanessa was personable, accommodating and jumped right into the curriculum. She helped my daughter with homework and study for tests, and definitely improved the final grade.

17. A F International College - Los Angeles

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· 59 reviews

3807 Wilshire Blvd #600, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Kings Los Angeles - East Hollywood

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· 28 reviews

1555 Cassil Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Address Website WhatsApp
Kings Los Angeles: what do users think?

Michèle Sigrist: I studied at Kings Los Angeles for two months and I wish I could have stayed longer. I had one of the best times of my life there. I met a lot of new friends and did something every day. My expectations were exceeded. The teachers are very nice and classes are a lot of fun. The director Greg gives the best tips for adventurous trips and activities. Before I came to LA, my English was already at a B2/C1 level. I came to LA more for travel reasons and didn't put my focus on learning, but my English still improved a lot! It was my first time at Kings in LA but I am already planning to go again. I have such great memories of it.

Masashi Harikae: , you never get bored and it’s not difficult to find an activity after school. At the end of your course, I'm sure you're gonna have so many friends.Thanks to Kings LA, I now have confidence in my English and I'm studying physiology and anatomy at college in Vancouver, Canada.

Janine Seiffert: I love this school!

Selda Bilge Tanrıverdi: Location, California, USAPopulation: 3.8 millionNearest airport; Los Angeles International Airport Nearest cities; San Diego, San FranciscoJust three minutes’ walk from the College is the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’. With over 2,000 stars it honours some of the biggest names in film, music and theater from the last fifty years.Six Flags No visit to LA would be complete without a trip to one of its spectacular theme parks. Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland are all close by.joying Los AngelesLos Angeles is a city like no other, and one which caters for all. Whether you’re attracted by the endless sunshine and laid-back lifestyle, or the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood hills, it’s a fantastic place to be.See how you could be spending your time in Los Angeles,Eating outThere are hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bars right near the College in Hollywood. You can eat out cheaply or can go for a more expensive meal if you feel like it!Food from Asia, China, India, Italy, France, USA cuisine and many more countries is all widely available.

Elisabeth B. (ItsOnlyEli): .The staff is amazing and extremely helpful in different situations

김태영: I was a kings student so i can tell about Kings school . Definitely everything was so good because i met a lot of nice teachers and friends. Now my english is totally improved, so if i were you i wouldn`t hesitate to choice this nice school.I REALLY REALLY HOPE SO YOU GUYS ALSO HAVE A NICE TIME IN KINGS LA!FROM RICHARD.

Rached Kotti: .So i recommend it for all of will not be disappointed

Dominik Maier: Was there for 3 months this year and was really a great experience! Nice teachers and great school! The location of the school is really perfect as it takes about 5 minutes to get to the Walk of Fame! Would visit this school again and can therefore only recommend it!

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